Improve The Condition of Your Hair Like Reese Witherspoon: Beauty Event Diary

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Reese Witherspoon and Liv Tyler are just two (of many) mommas who love Phyto products…

  Do you ever wish that you could know how healthy your hair, skin, nails and body really are? Our hysterically honest Makeover Momma contributor Ginger was able to put this to the test, by having her hair analyzed at a recent Kavenchy Spa Salon opening, by Phyto hair care. Although Ginger found their full regimen too much for her paycheck, we recommend the Phytolisse Smoothing Serum, if you are going to Splurge. (It made our ends smoother, hair shinier and concealed split ends, with just a few uses!)

  How did Ginger’s hair measure up? Check it out…

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Ginger (right) analyzing her scalp analysis experience…

“Kavenchy Spa Salon (located in the Clarendon area, 1025 N. Fillmore St.) held its Grand Opening November 12. The DJ-hosted event included free hair analysis by Phyto, a variety of sushi, champagne topped with raspberries, and deliciously decorated chocolates.  The salon had a very mod European feel, (and it’s is located in an area that is easily accessible by metro or car).      

The evening highlight was representatives from Phyto products providing scalp and hair analysis using an infrared instrument which magnified the condition of an individual’s scalp and hair 200 times.  Upon completion of the analysis the salon provided guests with a personalized prescription promising the results of lush, shiny, healthy hair.  While the Phyto products seemed worth trying, the commitment necessary to take on a Phyto transformation seemed too much for this momma’s checkbook.

My Phyto commitment was not just a simple shampoo and conditioner to add to my shower collection, but instead an entire hair product line. My hair, which I just cut short to provide the healthiest foot forward, I thought was already in “good” shape. However, according to the Phyto representatives I had buildup on my overall dry scalp from products use to include my shampoo and conditioner. She explained to have beautiful hair it started at the scalp where the hair began.  The condition of my scalp was a surprise to me since I usually purchase the $25 bottle of salon shampoo and loaded up on the conditioner when I cut off all my hair to avoid such issues. I have never had any dandruff, so assumed dry scalp were reserved for those possessing dandruff.

Phyto Hair Products Set

I was also told that if I used just a couple of the Phyto products and mixed them with non-Phyto products I would negate the process and have to start my 30 days all over. As she continued on about my necessary commitment, I couldn’t help but in my head compare my locks to an alcoholic (sober while on Phyto products, but then off the wagon once I used another product). Those thoughts may have been provoked by the two glasses of champagne I consumed during the analysis.  

After reviewing my extensive hair prescription, I thank the representative, accepted my dry scalp and vowed to look in my recent Self magazine for the readers recommended hair products article that I skipped over last month when I thought I had “good” hair.”

* Is there one hair product that you love, that really transformed the state of your hair?

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