Ignore The Winter Cold With These Sassy Summer-Worthy Style Trends


The Outfits: Baby, it’s cold outside… and not in the cute Zoey D duet from Elf sort of way. As someone who grew up in the sub tropics of Florida for most of my life, no amount of time in winterland can truly acclimate my preparetional abilities towards negative temperatures. To put it bluntly, I hate getting dressed for cold weather…and I’m really bad it. And since the only thing I loathe more than frigid air is early morning rising… I am even worse when it comes to dressing up for school-time drop offs. Lately, I am in such a rut, that it’s taken a few self-imposed stylistic challenges to push myself towards that extra effort (brrr, even if effort makes me cold). Here is how you can create your own easy trend trials, and get back on track with ease…

* A Hat If I’m having a “home IV” hospital week – which means the portacath in my chest is accessed but I’m still home with my kiddos- I can’t wash my hair, because my chest can’t get wet. Quick fix? Hats. Early morning and it’s cold? Hats. No time to brush? Hats again. I love tucking my hair up in to a low chignon, leaving a few ‘whispies’ exposed and letting the hat do the rest.

* A Skinny Yogini Pant: These Yoga pants are from Target (on sale for $10: tell your kids, tell your wife!), and the best investment ever. I wear them waaaaay too often, but they’re perfect for chilly mornings when I need my legs covered. There is something about this sort of stretchy, fold-over waistband that makes my stomach look cuter – all pants should be made as such- and the skinny fit is more flattering on myself personally, but they have longer, flared versions too. Now the trick is throwing on a cute sweater and some accessories (ignoring my messy tank and wet hair in said pic), and you’re good to go!

* A Braid: I’m so in to the CW show Reign right now (pour yourself a bubble bath and a glass of wine, and Hulu-it promptly)…mainly for the fabulously historically inaccurate wardrobe. The clothing and hair- think braids and headpieces galore- are so amazing, I want to crawl my local Claire’s looking for match-ups. Lesson learned? When there is no saving your outfit, try adding a funky braid to the mix so you look more “styled” than you really are. Trust me, it works wonders!

Need Extra Inspiration?: Feel like your ability to feign interest in womans apparel is fading faster than your summer tan and propensity for leg-shaving? Check out battisefashions.com for new looks and a fresh perspective. It’s sort of like an eco-friendly, Etsy-style party on your computer… especially if you’re into art-deco (think 1920’s and 40’s). Personally, I want to challenge myself to wear the Large Collar Sheath dress (very Lady G), the Animal Print Mix Top and Skirt (I love thoughtful clashing), or any of the cocoon coats. What about you? Branch out, friends!

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Let Me Know: Which look would you want to try?

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One comment on “Ignore The Winter Cold With These Sassy Summer-Worthy Style Trends
  1. maryebunny says:

    Ido not have a look now. I loved the maxi dress-usually with a camisole/t-shirt to cover excess cleavage-unappealing at 47. I clung to my long skiets from Ralph Lauren,but Hypothyroidism and IBD/Chrohns disease and POD plus the loss of a child abd uteras at the same time sends my hormones wreeling so the dermatologist perscribes a medication that helps with this,but ruins the dentyn on my teeth-the part that cannot grow back.I AM WORKING ON FAKE TEETH a few at a time and have spend about 6000 dollars plus insurance and am not halfway done. Seems like there is a better solution. I am trying to avoid dentures. I need to lose weight. I feel like I embarass my husband and children and wish it could end. please help me. sincerely,tired momx3-1 lost.

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