If You’ve Finally Made It Through The Toddler Years…Don’t Get A Dog

Natalie Portman and Liv Tyler are moms AND dog owners…

* Family Breakdown of the Week:

In case you missed the big news, I decided to celebrate my stressful, tiring, child-filled life by….  getting a dog. In reality, my husband and I promised our (then 2 year old) daughter a dog when she turned 5, thinking that would be an appropriate time to integrate a family pet into the home and teach responsibility as parents. That’s before I realized what a dog would really mean: getting a yippier, fuzzier creature prone to pooping on the floor (at that rate, I could have just had a third child!)

Luckily, Sophie (our 2 year old rescue pup) has proven to be a gentle, sweet addition to the family, even though she certainly brings a host of new dilemmas. What sort of dog food do I buy her so she can maintain a healthy weight? How often do I feed her to teach her good manners? If she’s part Australian cattle dog, must I provide her with sheep to herd? Since table manners seem to be flying out the window by the day (thanks to a pesky 20 month old constantly throwing edibles from her high chair), at least I’ve found the right kind of dog food. Check out the new Kibbles & Bits Bistro Meals widget in the right hand side of Makeover Momma, score a coupon for yourself ($3.00 off), and let your pup try it out for themselves. And if you love your dog like you love your kids (it’s ok to admit it), be sure to check out the new I Love My Dog website too.

* Report Back: What type of dog do you have and what is their favorite food?

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One comment on “If You’ve Finally Made It Through The Toddler Years…Don’t Get A Dog
  1. Lisa Hostetter says:

    Destini has a full bred Shih Tzu named Hannah after Hannah Montana. We feed her Iams for small and toy dogs she weighs 10 lbs and is full grown.

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