If You Need To Choose A Resolution, Choose Yourself

* Makeover Momma TV Recap of the Week:

How can you get your entire family fit in 2011? Even if no one in your clan has a problem with their weight, finding ways to stay active and have fun is extremely important throughout life. This week’s Makeover Momma TV episode focused on simple ways to exercise more, balance your diet and stop getting sucked in to the celebrity “skinny” trend.

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Product of the Week: Your Best Face Skincare

If there is one thing I love in life, it’s trying products before they’ve even hit shelves. Your Best Face has been one of my favorite brands for awhile, but they’re latest launches (Antioxidants Concentrate, Balance and Hydrate B) are designed to give you more for your money. Here is a sneak peek at what makes them so cool:

* Balance: If I could start using any new product these days it would be this one. It helps calm irritated skin, decrease excess oil and give the appearance of a silky smooth, matte complexion. Best of all, it can be used by itself or layered with other products (it’s friends with everyone).

* Antioxidants Concentrate: Everyone knows their face needs antioxidants (or so say the professionals), but they can be a pain in the pomegranate to find. This product can be mixed with anything you use: it’s like a fabulous cocktail that enhances your favorite sunscreens and serums with antioxidants (giving better, faster results).

* Hydrate B Concentrate: Hydrate B is the like the perfect “wingman” for your face. It can be used in congruence with all other potent serums to make your standard products more effective, boost the benefits of anti-aging potions and support your skin overall.

Exclusive Giveaway: American Cancer Society “Fit Kit”

So many of us have been touched by cancer in our lives, and will never be the same. Luckily you can fight back by joining the American Cancer Society in their “New Year, Choose You” movement (part of their successful “Choose You” campaign). They’re encouraging women worldwide to pledge a new healthy habit going into 2011 (after all, every healthy step we take forward is one step farther away from cancer). And even though I gave away a “fit kit” on Makeover Momma TV last night, you can still score one today. Here’s how….

* Go to the Choose You website and quickly pledge what healthy action you choose to do this year.

* Comment below letting me know your idea.

That’s it! Pledge to be healthier and better than ever this year, and hopefully we can all fight cancer together in the future.

Makeover Momma TV “TV Show”: Makeover Your Life In The New Year

Wish Carson Kresley lived in your closet? Oprah Winfrey was on your speed dial? George Clooney was your husband? The New Year can be filled with a great many wishes and resolutions, but being a mother can change our focus and goals entirely throughout the years. This latest episode of the MMTV TV Show is all about setting realistic goals for ourselves, and creating a fresh start for January.

* Speak Up: What is YOUR New Year’s resolution this year?

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2 comments on “If You Need To Choose A Resolution, Choose Yourself
  1. Jamie S. says:

    I Pledged to be healthier and better than ever this year by drinking more water then coffee

  2. librarypat says:

    I have tried to post this comment several times and it isn’t showing.
    Either it isn’t taking, or you are going to have several identical comments. Sorry if that happens.
    Thank you for making me aware of the AMC CHOOSE YOU Program. Checked it out and signed up. I pledged to start walking on our treadmill for 150 minutes a week. I started that today before I even knew about this program. I hope to be able to do 30 minutes a day for at least 1 mile, increasing speed and distance over time.

    librarypat AT comcast DOT net

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