If You Need The Perfect Snack, Just Think Thin: Diet Solution in Seconds

Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly ate tnese bars to prepare for Iron Man 2

* The Problem: Your starving by 3 and dinner is not for hours. You want a satisfying snack that is actually filling, with nutritional benefits too!

*The Solution: Think Thin Protein Bars.

Plain and simple: these bars are amazing. They are packed with  20 g of protein, they contain no sugar, and are gluten free! They come in a variety of flavors such as dark chocolate, white chocolate chip, and chunky peanut  butter (so you won’t want dessert later!) And with all this going for them, they are still high in vitamins such as Iron, A, C, and E (and more.) And since they are bars, you can just throw it in your diaper bag, purse or gym bag…and head out the door.

Each of these amazing bar are 240 calories or less and are under 8g of fat! But the best part is they actually taste amazing (like a mid-day cookie), instead of having that bland, cardboard taste like so many other health bars.

* What Do You Think: Have you tried Think Thin protein bars?

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