If You Need a Spa Day… Head To Your Shower

Running around town (like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Garner) but need to feel glamorous? Try this…

We all need to shower sometimes (believe it or not, mothers actually need to bathe), but we often don’t have time (or when we do, we’re squeezing in with children, rubber duckies or a significant lack of beauty products). This is why we’re rounding up the top products for letting your daily shower feel like a spa. You’ll get all the of pampering and relaxation you need…. without the bill.

* ToiletTree Fogless Mirror: Mothers might be too tired or strapped for a luxurious spa day, but there is no reason you can’t include that man in your life if you’re creating a spa moment at home. This mirror lets him shave and cleanse in the shower in peace (without ever dealing with fog or smears), but it also helps you multitask too. Try applying face masks or scrubs to your face while letting deep conditioner sink in to your hair or shaving (the perfect way to cut your shower time, without skimping on your beauty routine). Plus, it’s rust proof and shatter proof, so you can enjoy it for many showers to come!

* Suave Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo: If you’re a chic and thrifty mom, you’ll love this new shampoo from Suave. It’s insanely affordable, but deeply hydrating (containing 100% natural shea and almond butters). This nourishing combination helps your hair stay smooth and soft for longer, so you can spend less money on other styling agents (don’t you just love that?)

* Dove’s Ultimate Beauty Care  New Light Radiance Deodorant: If you’re done with your fog-free, hydrating shower experience, try nipping shaving irritation where it hurts the most. This new Dove deodorant is as affordable as ever, and helps prevent shaving irritation after showers (who wants red, painful bumps in your pits near the end of summer?). Luckily, it also protects against oder and wetness for 24 hours. We advise applying after shaving (in a downward motion), and again before going to sleep at night for a double-whammy effect. Plus, there is nothing we love more than Dove’s commitment to real beauty (even when they’re simply thinking about our arm pits!)

* Sound Off: When was the last time you did anything “spa” like in your beauty routine?

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