If We Eat For Fuel, Does An Entire Pizza Make Me Extra Fueled?

Moms Sandra Bullock and Katie Holmes eat for fuel…do you?

Are you trying to lose weight and adopt a healthy eating plan? Have you seen the countless advertisements for fad diets on television and in magazines? If you’re starting to realize that not all diets are created equal (in fact, we tend to hate the word “diet” in general), then read on….

Here Is What To Look For In A Nutrition Program:

* Gradual Weight Loss: I’m sorry ladies, but there is no healthy way to lose 10 pounds in one week and keep it off (except maybe for food poisoning, but that’s one inconvenient diet). You want to aim for losing one to two pounds per week. Not only is this a feasible goal, but it will also ensure that you will not simply gain it back a few months later.

* A Balanced Diet: A healthy diet is comprised of a recommended allowance of vitamins, minerals and protein (not just rice cakes, protein bars and coffee). A safe diet for women is typically between 1,200 calories per day, but mothers typically need more to fuel their busy days (and ensure you’re awake and alert while taking care of your kids). Single food diets (like grapefruit or cabbage) are unhealthy and will mess up your metabolism in the long term (plus, they’ll put you in the worst mood of your life).

* An Exercise Plan: The benefits of a healthy diet are increased when they are added with exercise. Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle and will help you maintain weight loss (so don’t forget it).

Want Some New Ideas? Check Out These:

* Bethenny Frankel’s “Naturally Thin“: She might be loud and she might be annoying at times (no offense Bethenny), but this new mom knows a thing of two about moderate, sensible eating (plus, we love supporting fellow mommas!) Bethenny shares her secrets for guilt-less weight loss by listening to your body’s natural hunger signals. It might sound rudimentary, but ideas like “looking at your eating habits as a bank account” can go along way in creating healthy, life long habits.

* The Structure House Weight Loss Plan: This book, which promotes long-term weight loss success, is based on the genuine Structure House in Durham, N.C (a residential treatment center for obese adults). This is a healthy, motivational plan created by Dr. Gerard J. Musante, PhD and translated into a regime that can be followed at home. It includes recipes, exercise, and other suggestions to improve the quality of your life and achieve a healthy body.

Now it’s time to get down to business, and hear what The Hubs is thinking about his Nurisystem diet plan thus far. And if you think he’s gotten in touch with his femine side yet? Think again.

* Month 2, Week 3: “I know I said I’d be opening up about my Nutrisystem journey since Month 1, but I have to say… I’ve been cheating a lot. Between our crazy schedule and many stressors, sometimes eating an entire pizza in one sitting just comes way too naturally to me. Since I was a football player for my entire life, I still tend to approach meals as if I’m about to go play ball (and yes, I realize that golf once a month doesn’t count). Since our beach vacation is approaching, I’m trying to really focus on the eating plan now, and stop sneaking in so many extra snacks (even if snack really means an entire box of cookies). But since I’m new to this whole healthy eating thing, I’d really appreciate your advice. How do you guys think I can improve my chances of improving my diet?”

* Help Him Out: You heard the man… how CAN he improve his diet when huge portions are the norm?

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