If Skincare Could Read Your Mind, Peter Thomas Roth Knows Everything: Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight

Wish you could feel naturally fabulous (like Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek?) Clear up…

Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight: Peter Thomas Roth

It’s important to keep yourself protected this summer while you’re out lounging in the sun and Peter Thomas Roth has got what you need. Roth’s passion for skincare was derived from his personal need to cure his own skin problems (so he not only relates to your acne or aging woes, but know what really works). So here we have it! The fruits of Peter Thomas Roth’s own ambition…

* Peter Thomas Roth Uber-Dry Sunscreen SPF 30

What separates this sunscreen from the pack? Most sunscreens are oily like lotions and can irritate your skin by clogging your pores, and there are just as many sunscreens that (while it prevents your skin from burning) do not prevent your skin from breaking out. This sunscreen is so lightweight that it won’t leave a trail of disaster and pimples on your skin. Plus, the formula is water resistant to make sure you’re protected in and out of the water (bonus!) Best of all, the product is also jam-packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Could you think of anything better to stick in your beach tote this summer?

And did you know that every guest at a summer-themed Makeover Madness party this month will get one of these? Which leads us to our final questions: Could we fall in love with Peter Thomas Roth any more? Not likely.

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What You Can Get: Coco-Zen Chocolate Milkshake

If we could take our two favorite things (chocolate and beauty) and smush them together…it would likely be called heaven. This Coco-Zen Chocolate Milkshake comes pretty darn close. Using organic and all natural ingredients, it’s completely safe to share with your kids, family or baby, but it’s soft chocolate scent can help satiate even the most rabid of sweet-tooth’s (and hopefully entice finicky kids to treat their irritated skin).

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