If Only We Could Be As Pretty As Mik Cire Male Models…

The Show: Mik Cire

The Style: Mik Cire by Eric Kim is a chic menswear line that mixes modern pieces with laid back, casual items to create an effortless style. Even though Makeover Momma covers content and runway for women, we couldn’t help but post about this amazing runway show, because we wish every one of our Makeover Dads could dress like this (they’d be getting a lot more one-on-one time, that’s for sure!) When I wasn’t trying to decide which male model I’d most prefer to smuggle in to my carry-on, I was enchanted with the effortless fusion of staple items (sloppy hats, relaxed cardigans) with classic masculinity . Even the scruffy facial hair and tousled curls (thanks to the artful stylings of Phyto Haircare) were reminiscent of stepping right off the beach and on to the city street.

The Look: No, you can’t recreate this menswear line at home (unless growing George Clooney -esque stubble is a possibility), but you can learn what helped me feel relaxed and ready while reporting from the tents. I may not be an expert on men’s fashion, but I certainly know that two simple items made my entire traveling experience so much easier (and frankly, they’re worth the shout out)….

* The Purse Perfector: If you’re anything like me, you are losing you keys, cell phone, business cards or baby wipes as quickly as you do your mind. It doesn’t matter if my purse is the size of my pinky toe, I will find a way to lose the better half of my belongings in five seconds flat (since any diaper bag or tote I own are bottomless pits). Instead of spending most of my fashion week frantically searching for Metro cards or cash to pay the cab driver, I hoped to ix-nay on the panic attacks and get slightly more organized. This is why the Purse Perfector ended up being perfect for me. I was able to carry all my necessities (Band-Aids, sanitary items, chapstick, credit cards and more) neatly inside the PP, instead of having them rattle around in the bottom of my purse. I also found that the Purse Perfector made a fabulous clutch itself (and would probably be great to keep in my car at all times, so I’m always stocked with parenting must haves). Success!

* Affinitas Intimates Packaged Panties: There is nothing worse than a UGP and I am the queen of them (Ugly Granny Panty, that is). After two babies and way too many pairs of stretched out, faded maternity undies, my negligees resemble something only used to torture Victoria Secret models after they’ve been retired. This is why I jumped at the chance to test out the new Affinitas Packaged Panties (which come in a handy, portable pack for easy travels)… not only because I knew they’d be perfect in my suitcase for fashion week, but also because I could use a 12 step program for this UGP problem. These panties were comfortable and easy to pack, but just frilly and lacy enough to make me feel sexy (something that deserves an award in of itself).

* Speak Up: Which of these two products would you love to try?

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One comment on “If Only We Could Be As Pretty As Mik Cire Male Models…
  1. I would love to try the panties…after having two kids those maternity undies are far more comfortable than any ‘pretty’ panties!! Would love to find something equally as comfy but with cuteness to boot!

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