If It Doesn’t Fit…. Clip It: Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight

Sponsor Spotlight: T & B Clip

The concept of TandBclip might seem confusing at first (What does it do? Do I really need it?) But no worries… we have your back (or rather, your perfectly adjusted top, skirt or hair). The T &B Clip is perfect for mothers who are constantly moving and need to keep their clothing in place or make it last for longer (when you don’t have time to buy new items). You can use the T & B Clip to clip your sarong in place while you’re lounging at the pool (or should we say, anxiously watching your kids for hours). If you have a shirt that doesn’t fit correctly after pregnancy, a sweater that never stays closed or a wrap that isn’t quite working… use the clip.

You can cinch dresses, tops and bottoms (or even use it in your hair), without ever having to buy new outfits. Or if you want to transition clothing into fall, try artfully draping scarves with the clip (or turning any piece of fabric into a convenient belt). It let’s you work with (and re-work) your wardrobe… plus, it’s so easy to use (just watch the Outfit In Reverse video I prepared above!)

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Also Shown In This Video:

* Miracle Body Jeans: Are you unsure about wearing the dreaded jegging this winter season? Think you can’t pull it off? Although it certainly isn’t for every shape or size, I personally thought I would hate this new style of jean (I can’t stand anything that’s too tight), but Miracle Body Jeans completely changed my mind. Their jeans are so comfortable and stretchy, it feels like a guilty pleasure to wear them. I have never had that part of “jeans that fit just right”, but these are definitely it (if I could rate them I’d give them an A+ and then buy them some dinner). Plus, Miracle Body jeans are created with built in panels and support so your body is shaped and “sucked” (giving you the instant illusion of weight loss). It actually works, because I have the cross-eyed, drooling husband to prove it (he is definitely a newfound fan of the Miracle Body jegging!)

* Kmart Design: Love the scarf shown in this video? Try checking out Kmart Design’s new options (available soon in stores). Kmart has completely revamped their image and their options by bringing in top designers from all over the world to create an inspired, trendy, hip and exciting new collection (with price tags that are even easier on the eyes than the new looks). Keep an eye out… you’ll be surprised!

* Sound Off: How would YOU style this outfit? Which items do YOU want to try the most?

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