I Have Pottery Barn Tastes On A Big Lots Budget

Do you think moms Natalie Portman and Jennifer Garner changed their decor after kids?

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I want to be really, really good at home decor. In my fantasies, I’m that mom who has the perfectly chic house with modern accents and artsy photographs, and a plethora of cushy furniture that’s never seen a Sharpie in it’s life. In reality, my house is a shell of the dream I had for it (I thought it would be a doctor one day). A couple of years ago when we bought our house, I made a design book littered with images of Pottery Barn cut outs, in the hopes that I could create a Big Lots version of the looks inside. Instead, I got Greigeen paint on our walls (grey green) and a few lanterns hung on the mantel… and we ran out of money. Since then, our house has become a museum of “this is all we could affords” and “it was on sale” items, and very little else.

The biggest failure in our house is the bed. It’s supposed to be our sanctuary, our haven, our place to fall asleep watching Fantasy Factory and Archer while we’re supposed to be canoodling… but instead, it’s seen better days. As soon as we win the lottery (it’s totally going to happen), we need some new mattresses. Luckily, these UK varieties aren’t totally devastating to the bank account (including this double mattress), so I plan on looking for similarly orthopedic options soon. And even though I seriously need to move to England to partake in their fabulous shopping (and complain about Prince William not wearing a wedding ring), my dreams are not crushed forever. One day my design aesthetics will come true… let’s just hope there are no Sharpie-toting toddlers in my future.

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2 comments on “I Have Pottery Barn Tastes On A Big Lots Budget
  1. Michelle B says:

    I haven’t officially decorated. I did luck out and that my hand me down furniture does have the same color scheme. which is weird bc they came from 3 different people…lol.

  2. Miranda says:

    You can find really cheap/cute wall hangings/picture frames at Kirkland’s and Pier 1. They had these really cute sconce/candle holders for $8! You just have to keep your eye out for the sale. We have found some cute things from those 2 stores.

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