I Can’t Tell Where My Pajamas End and My Work Clothes Begin


The Topic: One of my friend’s husbands said the best thing I’ve ever heard about dance teacher fashion- “I can’t tell where her pajamas end and her work clothes begin.” This could not be more true of myself, as well, since I tend to wear comfy clothes at home (to write, sleep, drop kids at school, and so forth) and transition straight in to evening hours at the studio. And even though not all of us are dance teachers, most of us are mothers- thus requiring comfortable outfits for shenanigans across the board.

Even though there is no perfect way to dress like a scrub, I’ve been trying to up my slovenly game by balancing out my “work wardrobe” with super cute pieces. Go forth and apply these tips today…

* Find Balance: If I wear “Good gosh, I didn’t need to see that much of your toosh” tight Yogi pants or bicycle shorts, I make sure to save innocent bystanders years of therapy by pairing with a looser flowing shirt. Balance, people, balance

* Layer Up: I love my short-shorts from Walmart ($5 baby!), but they show a bit tu-tu much [get it? It’s a dance pun] when I’m rolling around the floor for modern. If flashing your business isn’t in your plans for the day, try buying skintight, light-weight under shorts and sticking them underneath anything (even dresses). They are a comfy substitute for leggings or tights, and are nearly 1/2 price if you buy large size in the kid’s section. They are stretchy material, so that sounds less irrational than you’d think!

* Be Yourself: One of my best friends wears a beautiful flower in her hair every time we hit the gym. Personally, I have been teased many times for wearing earrings and bangle bracelets to dance class. But if a certain accessory makes you feel beautiful, wear it with pride. Just because you’re “dressing down” as a mom doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match things that perk you up.

* Leg Up: Leg warmers are my favorite thing to wear underneath boots in lieu of those ridiculous boot socks (which yes, are called leg warmers). Better yet, if you don’t want to run the risk of looking like an Olivia Newton John gone wrong, try cutting off the sleeves of one of your old, nappy sweaters and using as a calf warmer/boot sock for free instead.

* Cover Your Bum: My sis and I both teach dance, so we love any and all tops that hang a little long towards the rear (but high around the sides). This helps cover your toosh when you don’t want it all hanging out, but still gives an elongating/slimming effect because it’s not huge all over.

Extra Tip If you are looking for the best kind of tights, always ask a dance teacher. Even though we practically live in them, I’ve always been super finicky about tights in general, and have tried every brand under the sun. I absolutely hate the muffin top strangulation effect that comes from too tight elastic, and thus am deeply devoted to Revolution dancewear tights. Buy pairs in black, and enjoy wearing all winter long (zero “I didn’t know I had a thorax” misery needed).

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Let Me Know: Which of these items would you want the most?

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