Hydrate Dry Skin In The Winter Like Jennifer Lopez and Faith Hill: Real Momma Product Review

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Moms like Jennifer Lopez and Faith Hill showcase their smooth, clear skin (even in the winter)…

Winter is not kind to skin. It can make you dry, chapped, flaky and red…so what’s the first way to treat the problem? Surprisingly…in the shower! Try healing skin with shorter, cooler showers, and plenty of hydrating products. We had Real Momma Jenny treat her skin to super hydrating soaps and lotions from Seed (using rich grape-seed oil extracts), and here’s what she said…

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Products: Seed Grape Seed Enriched Moisturizing Body Soap and Body Lotion

What I Thought: “It’s that time of year… dry, itchy leg season; cracked, chapping finger season; reptile skin season. Call it what you will, but when it gets cold, our skin takes a beating. This product is the perfect remedy. I LOVE the scent, definitely my all-time favorite of all the all-natural lotions I have used. Seriously. I also love that it’s paraben free and contains only natural ingredients. All around, a great product for keeping your skin happy and hydrated.”

* Makeover Momma Store Suggestion: Want flawless skin on your face too? Splurge on this worthwhile anti-aging cream, Perricone MD Neuropeptide Facial Contour (it covers your bases for fighting aging, wrinkles and fine lines…all in one product!)

* What is your favorite soap right now?

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