How You Can Wear Super Expensive, Fancy Urban Outfitters Dresses For $10 or Less


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The Outfits: It is no secret that I adore Urban Outfitters (it lights up my Twitter feed pretty often), even though at times it’s ridiculous. As a busy momma, I’m aware that crop-top boob-bras, super long maxi skirts, cray-cray-crazy platform shoes, forehead jewelry, and $200 dresses are not my typical domain. In fact, I perseverate so often on frugality, that the less my clothing costs… the more confident I somehow feel when I look (somewhat as good as the) chicks in designer duds. It’s like my latent Empire Records “damn the man complex” has swelled up into adulthood, and my pesky teenage rebellion is revealing itself in the form of $5 dresses and flash sales.

That being said, my “rational momma” side goes straight out the window the moment I see creamy sweaters, soft funky T-shirts, and fabulous dresses on the racks at Urban Outfitters, and I secretly wish I could move in and live there forever. So when people ask me where I got a dress and I respond “Urban Outfitters…for $4.99”, I am often met with shock and dismay. But yes, friends, scrolling through the UO website often and checking for Sales (lowest prices first, ladies), is truly the easiest way to get $80+ items for literally the price of latte. Need proof? Read on…

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* The Red Open-Back Dress: I wore this dress recently on my birthday (yup, this gal is now 27), and lurved it. It’s comfy, lose and a color that truly stands out (“pow” would be the word in fashion terms). It was originally pretty pricey, but was only $4.99 on their website. You can justify your way in to a $5 dress any day!

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* The Leather Dress: This dress was originally way expensive, but could be ordered for $9.99 by the time it hit the sale region on the web. Yes, really. I am a long-time vegetarian that is considering dabbling in veganism again (but why, oh why, must cheese taste so good?)- so I was a little torn on the leather concept. But once you get passed that [they have tons of vegan friendly clothing items], I am completely smitten and in love. I want to wear this dress everyday. It shows of all my “good areas” and hides all my “Spanx-able parts” (yes, you read that right).

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* The Strapless Lace Dress: This lady-like look fits pretty perfectly with my wedding state of mind, but I plan to wear it a lot this fall with drapey sweaters, warm boots or tights. Lesson learned on wearing black underwear with a white dress (won’t do that next time), but otherwise, it was only $9.99 on the UO website- down from… well, way up!

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* The Funky Bracelet: So yes, perhaps I am dipping in to a “UO euphoria” if I think this funky ring-to-wrist bracelet thing is not a little style indulgent… but hey, I don’t have a toddler who can rip it off my finger any more! So yes, I plan on wearing this style a lot, and wearing it with pride!

One Other Dress I Want In My Closet Right Now:

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