How You Can Get A Summer Tan In December

Do you want to stop your kids from being spoiled over the holidays? Even though this it’s temping to overwhelm your children with gifts, we discussed presents that will really warm someones heart (would you expect any less from Makeover Momma TV?) So if you need simple gift ideas, nutritional supplement know how or tips on getting that beach body before the New Year, saddle up and get ready for a fresh episode!

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Product of the Week: Tan Towel

When was the last time you had golden, glowing skin in the middle of winter? Unless you have a habit of baking in a bed (do I even need to give you a lecture about skin cancer?), it’s likely you’re as pasty as Frosty right about now. Even though this is a good thing (because it means you’re taking care of your skin and health), it doesn’t mean you need to like it. So instead of pouting over your pail complexion, let me introduce you to Tan Towel.

Tan Towel is a handy, thin towelette that can be used on the go or on the run (without a mess or streaks). It was designed to make application easy no matter how busy you are (so no more worrying about applying it just right or taking hours in the bathroom at night). The coolest part of all is that your tan will develop gradually over the next 24 hours, just as it would if you’d been hanging out on the beach earlier. (And don’t forget: if you buy anything in the Makeover Momma shop during the month of December, you get to pick your own Tan Towel product from this Hooray For Holidays list for FREE). So whether you’re trying it for free or trying it to avoid a “pail fail”, you can’t miss this!

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Idea You Don’t Want To Miss: Canyon Ranch Fitness iPad App

If you often find yourself daydreaming about living a healthy, holistic lifestyle (in which you do more Yoga than Jen Aniston and regard your troublesome minions with an eery like zen): fear not! Though finding peace amid your chaotic home may seem crazy, it’s entirely possible with the launch of the new Canyon Ranch Fitness iPad app. Of course you have to actually have an iPad first, but if you do: this app lets you access 79 fitness videos (including Yoga, Pilates and strength) right from the comforts of your own home. And if you find the $3.99 app to be the answer to your chi-searching prayers, be sure to keep an eye out for the Healthy Eats app coming soon (filled with tons of healthy recipes and tips!)

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Makeover Momma TV “TV Show”: Stop Spoiling During The Holidays

What is the true meaning of the holidays and how do you teach it? Even if it seems impossible, you can teach your kids what’s important during the holidays (you know, that whole bit about family and friends?). Check out this fresh episode of the MMTV TV Show (soon to be re-named after the edition of future co-host Linda Rihani from Baby To Be TV). Let me know: how do you take the “I” out of holiday?

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2 comments on “How You Can Get A Summer Tan In December
  1. Laurel says:

    We’ve tried to ask grandparents to give a limited amount, but they don’t listen.

  2. I’m with Laurel! My dad is AWFUL about keeping things “simple” on Christmas. His “we’re cutting back this year” is still way too much! His cutting back is different than mine and as the kids grow… they expect more and more.

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