How You Can Avoid Bathingsuit Tan Lines — Real Momma Reader Review

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Love how Camila Alves (pregnant with second baby) and Britney Spears rock their bikinis? Check out this trick…

 Want to know how you can avoid tan lines at the beach or pool, without losing your top? We had Tara (mother of two) rate a new bikini based product for our Real Momma panel…

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The Product: The BikiniBand

My Favorite Thing: “The band is easy to adjust and the design makes it capable of fitting a large variety of sizes.”

What I Thought: “When I pulled the BikiniBand out of the bag, I was a little skeptical that it would actually hold up a bikini top (especially on a large chested gal like me), but it works surprisingly well! I walked around, bent over, and laid down and my top never budged! Since I’m fair and can’t spend a lot of time in the sun, I think I’d be most likely to use this product for a spray tan so I could achieve a “tan-line free” look while still keeping partially covered.”

Share With Us: What is your favorite type of bikini or bathingsuit?

Makeover Momma™ does not advocate using this product without sunscreen. For more on keeping your skin safe, read here.

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