How To Workout With Your Baby Like Gabrielle Reece — Interview With Mommy Shape Workouts

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Moms Gabrielle Reece and Paz Vaga (just three months after having her second baby…seriously), are big fans of mom and baby workout programs…

It often feels like we rant and rave about our favorite workout programs, but Diane Fong, creator of the Mommy Shape Workout DVD and Mommy described her program so well, we’re letting her say it herself!“The MommyShape Prenatal Complete program is all-encompassing, challenging, fun, and time-manageable; incorporating dance, yoga, sculpting, breathwork, self-massage, and relaxation techniques into a program that not only gets mommy looking and feeling fit and fabulous, but also prepares mommy for the challenges of labor and the road to recovery.”

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Diane (a former Broadway dancer) and her beautiful daughter Tali…

1. What initially inspired you to create the MommyShape brand, website and workout program?
“Because of the fitness program had I maintained throughout my pregnancy, I was so lucky to experience a healthy and pain-free pregnancy, an amazing natural delivery, and a super quick recovery. I created the MommyShape brand to spread the word to women everywhere that they, too, can experience the pregnancy, labor & delivery of their dreams.

 2. The majority of moms out there find it very hard to fit exercise into their busy lives. If a mom only has 5 minutes at a time to workout, what do you recommend she does?

Most of us would agree that being a mommy is a workout in itself!  Even still, all moms should allot some workout time for themselves.  If mommy only has 5 minutes to exercise, I think it’s important to utilize her surroundings and take advantage of times when she would not normally be exercising. 

However, if mommy can’t even spare 5 minutes in her day, here are some things she can do while on the go:

*Try to walk instead of drive.  Walking is a great form of exercise!  

* Take the stairs whenever possible. Twenty flights of stairs a week will make a huge difference in your health!

* Always engage abs and maintain good posture while walking, sitting at your desk, carrying baby, etc. 

* Remember that kegels can be done anywhere (including at your desk and in line at the grocery store)! 

* Use your baby as a weight!  Remember to keep good posture when lifting him/her.

* Make your workout part of your parent/child time.  Do fun and active activities with your little ones….you’ll get a workout while you teach your kids how to be healthy and active too!

3. A lot of women start a new exercise program, and are very motivated for the first week…and then it all falls apart. What do you think is going wrong, and how can moms stay motivated?

Create an exercise program that will be easy for you to stick with. For most women, that means creating a program that is time efficient, effective, and fun!  I think as mommies, we often try to take on too much (why not, we are all supermommies, aren’t we?), get overwhelmed, and end up losing motivation. Here are some tips that will make sure you will get some exercise (and keep it up!):

* Make small goals instead of large ones so that you don’t get overwhelmed and quit after a week. 

* Make workouts ‘short and sweet’ to start off with.  A short workout is always better than none at all.

* Mommies can get exercise from doing everyday tasks too.  (See suggestions above).

 4. Ok, we’ve got to know: what is your current exercise routine? (Be honest!)
“With a 6 month-old at home, a full time medical school load, and a company to run, I have a very busy schedule (what mommy doesn’t?)!  But exercise (along with good nutrition and sleep) is one of the most important things that I have control of in my life, so I really try to get a workout in whenever I can. 

By now, I’ve memorized all the exercises from the MommyShape Prenatal Complete DVD, so usually I do a quick selection of the exercises whenever I have the time (I also teach Mommy and Me classes, which gives me a great workout as well). Usually, I end up doing Yoga & Relaxation, Sculpt & Stretch, and Dance it Out! 1-2 times a week each, incorporating my baby in the workout whenever I can.  All three workouts are under 19 minutes long, so it’s very easy to fit it into my day, and it’s great for relaxation after a hard day’s work. 

However, even with the small bits of actual “exercise time” I manage to fit in, I think a large part of my fitness comes from walking around New York City and going up and down the subway stairs!

Let Us Know: What is the sneakiest way that you slip exercise into your day?

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  2. Ali says:

    I sneak workouts in after bedtime, since I have early risers! I also get a great workout just wearing my kids around while I shop or do housework!

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