How To Work Up A Sweat With Your Workouts: Squeezing In Wednesday Workouts

How much us having kids changed your exercise routine?

I don’t know about you, but I have always wanted to be one of those dainty women who “glow” every so softly when they sweat, feel chilly in a 70 degree room, and look like they’ve recently visited Glamour Shots in their post-delivery photos. Instead, I have always been the sweaty, overheated chick (who looks like a sticky, makeup-less mess in all post-partum photos). It’s funny how sweat seems like such a negative thing in our society. We try and find every single antiperspirant, quick dry fabric, botulism-injection tactic to stay free of dampness, and smelling sweet as a rose.

Well guess what ladies? My goal this week is to sweat as much as possible. Ok, maybe I’ll spare you a full-on deodorant related protest, but I am sick of strolling through my morning workouts like I’m picking out groceries. Yes, it definitely is challenging exercising at home as a full time mom (with no day care, babysitter, or school day time to fall back on), but enough if enough. My plan is to get the kids working on a project nearby, watching an (educational) movie or even joining in (and even though it has about a 5% estimated efficiency rate), I am still going to try to sweat more!

Before kids I danced (with Corey) for exercise…now I only dance with babies!!

* Get Sweating: If you leave your workout not feeling as if you’ll be sore the next day, try picking up the pace. I definitely love using my current favorite (the mini stepper machine) because it takes up zero space (and is hard to avoid when it’s sitting in my living room), but I hope to get as close to a “jog” as possible. Try having at least one workout per week that leaves you joyously sweaty.

* Change The Pace: If injuries or energy become a problem (as they do with me), try intervals! Alternate between a middle-of-the-road pace (out of breathe, but you can still manage to tell your child to turn down the volume on Dora The Explorer), and a full-throttle pace (so much energy that you don’t even notice how loudly they can sing in Spanish).

* What is your plan for sweating more this week? Let me know!

Bailey Vincent Clark is the Editor-in-chief, author and founder of Makeover Momma. She talks about Mealtime Makeovers on Monday, workout concerns on Wednesday, and has a weekly column on Friday: “Getting Friendly With Makeover Momma.” If you would like to ask questions, submit concerns or simply chat: please email

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