How To Whiten Your Teeth And Give Yourself A Facial Everyday (In Less Than 5 Minutes)


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Lately, my skin has been looking awesome and I’m not afraid to say it (see how I did that right there, and totally said it?) Even though my private life has been inundated with stress, my complexion has managed not to show it thanks to a combination of brilliant bathroom tactics and a dose of witchery. What’s my secret?Baking soda.

Ok, by now you’re thinking, “Any girl with a Pinterest account or Martha Stewart Living knows about baking soda,” so that reveal was super anticlimactic. Gotcha. But the thing that no one tells you is how messy, abrasive and annoying baking soda can be if used with wild abandon. I have tried enough face masks and pimple salves to realize that free-wheeling usage of BS (bad abbreviation?) leaves enough powdery white residue to make your lavatory resemble the set of American Hustle.

However, if used in congruence with your a daily cold cream? Pure magic. Here’s why: firstly, cleansing creams are deeply underutilized and underrated (they are not just for Barbara Walters and the cast of Hot in Cleveland.) I’ve been using a little trial-size cream for a few months now, and totally love it’s balancing impact on my otherwise bipolar face. Just smooth it on in a circular motion and wipe off with a damp rag: done. It takes off makeup but keeps skin from over-drying, which in turn prevents backlash breakouts. Recently, I’ve been adding a tiny sprinkle of soda to my cream before cleansing my face, thus creating an insta-facial (and a super glowy complexion later). My cheeks tend to get red from any kind of exfoliation, so go easy on your skin, friends. It sounds simple, but it’s 100% worth the try… so try, ok?

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Feeling like an overachiever? I’ve also been using BS to get my teeth whiter then ever, which is saying a LOT considering how much coffee is imbibed daily. In truth, there is sort of a masochistic science happening in front of my mirror, in which I blast my teeth with as much vanity, vapidity and bleach as possible. Imbalanced or not, this system totally works. It goes like this: rinse with a mix of hydrogen peroxide and mouth wash every other day, before brushing with equal parts toothpaste and baking soda.

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I’ve been using a super fancy, swirly toothbrush, although I’m not sure if it actually makes teeth whiter then the standard 99-cent variety. If you want to go all out, you can intensify the process by coating your teeth in a budget whitener gel (this one was only $6, and you just rub it on using your finger), and letting teeth set for 5 to 10 minutes in a mouth-tray. I happen to be extra cool and own a clear retainer already (why? Because it’s sexy, that’s why), but other people swear by the mouth-guard meets hot water tactic.

So, which trick will YOU use the most? Have your own baking soda solution? Let’s chat!

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