How To Unplug and Tune In To Your Family

* Take The Boom Boom Challenge: Week 2

It’s our second week of the Boom Boom card Challenge, and already our family has learned a ton. What were our intentional acts of kindness this week? Dig right in….

This Week’s Cards:

1. Turn Off All Electronic Devices For An Uninterrupted Night With The Family: I could not have been more excited to try this card. After weeks of traveling, stress and work, I was anxious for cuddle time with my girls that wasn’t preempted with “I just need to finish this” or “But we have bills to pay.” Getting a night of just family time (no phone calls, no TV shows and no computer time) was like a dream come true.

2. Call A Relative To Say Hi: It’s funny how even though so many of us love our families, we very rarely have the time to go the extra mile with relatives or long distance friends. Since I don’t get to speak to my beloved Aunt very often (even though I know she misses us), I was long overdue for a phone call, and frankly- this card made me realized how selfish I’ve been for not calling her sooner. Thank you Boom Boom Cards: we both needed this!

Get Involved:

Do you want to be part of the Boom Boom Challenge? Check out the NEW cards we’ll be tackling next week, and have your family take the challenge by commenting in the post below. The first people to comment with their favorite card (in ascending order) will each receive the card, before passing the challenge on to the next family. Since each card can be registered online, we can all follow the story of the cards as they pass from family to family (pretty rocking, right?) Just remember to leave your email, so you can exchange cards from person to person.

New Cards: Join The Revolution

1. “Learn how to say thank you in as many different languages as you can.”

2. “Make a list of all the people you love, and over the course of a week, tell each one how you feel”.

Want To Try It Yourself? Since Boom Boom cards make the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer this year (showing the true message of the giving season), feel free to scoop up your own pack of cards today (either the Teen Cards or the Original Pack). Just click the button below… easy enough?

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* Answer This: How can you help your children stay connected to family?

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One comment on “How To Unplug and Tune In To Your Family
  1. Hi Bailey, just dropping by to say hi.I so loved meeting your beautiful sparkful energy at Blogalicious. Your kids are ADORABLE!
    My son is not so tech crazed as I am, so when we go to dinner at a restaurant or dinner time at home, I make sure not to tweet, and have face to face – eye to eye communication.
    I taught him this when he was little, and now he does it to me! He is 17.:)

    Loving the products in the giveaway bag. My hair sure does need some of those.

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