How To Trick Your Kids Into Thinking School Is Cool

Moms Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Kidman love spending time with their kids.

* Family Breakdown of the Week:

Getting your kids to enjoy learning can make even the most sincere moms feel like a used car salesman. On most days of the week I can find myself spouting such gems as “Come on honey, math is fun!” and “If Dora likes to practice her handwriting, you can too”. And if I’m not using piles of guilt and cartoon related peer pressure, I can be found coercing my children into “playing” with games that are secretly educational. However, thanks to, I can prepare for a summer of learning with affordable, school related games (plus lots of other household necessities like lights, cookware, fitness gear and more!)

Luckily, my trickery has actually worked, and now my daughter approaches math related iPhone apps and episodes of Sesame Street with more enthusiasm than Lindsey Lohan borrowing jewelry. If you want to fool your child like I have (hey, it’s all in the name of an education), here are my all time favorite educational toys from….

* For Math: If your elementary aged child hates math (can’t say that I blame them), try playing this Make A Monster math test prep game (which allows kids to answer questions, play with their family and build a monster in the process).

* For Reading: If your munchkin is having a tough time finding words exciting (other than my own bits of poetic genius of course), than make a game of it. I plan on using the LipSync flash cards game with my youngest (who is hard of hearing) to develop her awareness of speech and language… but it could benefit any child, don’t you think?

* For Science: Science doesn’t have to be about potions and oceans, sometimes your kids can have fun too. This World Alive Enchanted Fairy Garden will let them learn about plants and the environment, without leaving the imagination behind.

* Speak Up: How do you get your kids to be excited about school?

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3 comments on “How To Trick Your Kids Into Thinking School Is Cool
  1. Ida Litteral says:

    Great post! My kids love to do puzzles and brain teasers on their IpodTouch or on our cell phone. Be involved and follow through with praise and high fives! Simple things instead of bribes to the toy store are more memorable!

  2. Tiffany M. says:

    My son gets so excited about learning his letters and is very easily motivated at this age. It’s good to see that there are other games to continue his education.

    Here is a game that one of our tutors from A Quantum Leap Tutoring developed. We use it for phonics and enhancing reading skills.

  3. Thanks for the tip…. love it! : )

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