How To Throw A Beachy Wedding On A Budget (Yes, This Involves Sparkles)

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The Rant:

I have shared a little bit about my romantic history and recent engagement lately… but haven’t shared much about the wedding plans for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it’s going to be small, laid back shindy with enormous amounts of penny pinching. Second, even though it’s technically my second serious relationship, it is my first and only real engagement… real wedding…and actual adult commitment, and thus comes with a different meaning which makes it feel completely new. And even though I feel like an overly excited novice, the “bride” gene does not come naturally to me.

Although my mother was a wedding planner growing up and I spent the majority of my childhood doing my homework in rehearsal halls and catering kitchens, planning my own nuptials has been… labored. Why? Apparently, I am not one for the details (nor putting on a good production outside of a tu-tu laden stage). My response to pretty much everything has been, “Sure, that’s cool” or “No problem, whatever works”. As long as I can marry the man who treats my little girls with as much respect and love as he does me… do I really care what happens from here until then? Fortunately, I have a mother and sister who are gifted in all areas of planning, crafting, artistry and baking, and thus have “schooled” me a time or two in recent weeks.

Here is my first of many future quirky bride posts detailing some of the early details for our nuptials. All of these posts will be leading up to the real deal, and are somewhat in honor of my favorite wedding website The OffBeat Bride. Hopefully once this thang goes down, I’ll have a post on there too…

The Dresses:

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This is my “What are we doing?” face…

I can’t reveal my wedding dress just yet (for obvious reasons), but I can share a few facts: it was less than $100, it was found on LuLu’, and it’s the comfiest, beachiest, most ballet-looking floor length I could find on a momma’s budget. I love it, and can’t wait to show pics in December! But for now, I’ve been trying to find other special dresses that can be worn for the rehearsal dinner or during the honeymoon instead. My goal was unique, flattering, cream-colored short options that could work for a wedding… yet work again and again for years after.

Fortunately, I found this gorgeous Bless’ed Are The Meek dress from Inverted Edge. It arrived in the mail weirdly fast, and I tried it on expecting the usual routine (needing to tuck and tweak to fit my flat chest, big ribcage, short waist, and long legs). Instead, I slipped the dress on easily and it… fit perfectly. Yes, perfectly! The Organic dress is comfortable, a mix of white and nude shades, and different enough that it could work for any special occasion. If I could pick any other Bless’ed Are The Meek option to covet and pine for right now, it would be this Cold Blood Dress. Fierce, beautiful, and totally Inverted Edge.

The Beauty Routine:

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If there is one thing I’ve thought about thus far, it’s makeup… and I can’t wait to use these items from Talika , as well as this 3D Eyelash product on the big day. I will likely do my own facial shellacking (since I’ve never known anything but), although one of my close buddies could possibly be along to work her own cosmetic magic, as well. On top of that, I am loving the above products (NuNaat and Shielo) for straightening my hair without frying; not to mention this tried-and-true option for periodically whitening my teeth. Even though I’ll likely wear my hair natural for the big day (total beach-head here), I can see an enormous difference in whiteness using these personalized trays…it’s almost startling so!

The Flowers:

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“We can skip the flowers” is what I’ve said from the very beginning of planning. Why? Because when you’re throwing a wedding on a teeny, tiny budget, flowers are easily the first thing to go (I mean, they are temporary by nature). Fortunately, I discovered a super cool start-up with which I immediately formed a crush: The Bouqs. They support rural farmers in other countries by growing personalized, beautiful bouquets and having them shipped straight to the bride with no middle man. This not only means that flowers are more fresh, but that each bouquet goes a long way in helping another economy, another family, another person. I cannot wait to hopefully showcase my own Bouq on the big day knowing that there is something much more important behind those beautiful flowers: community, giving, preservation, nature… the list goes on.

The Shoes:

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Although my actual wedding day shoes are $7 shimmery ballet flats from Target (what could be more fitting for a dancer, right?), I still am on the hunt for simple heels for the night before and honeymoon week thereafter. And even though I can kick arse in pretty much any size heel (kittens compared to pointe shoes), my soon-to-be-husband is normal sized, so I need to stay normal sized too. Finding heels that aren’t too too tall, but also don’t destroy my scar-tissue-riddled ballerina feet in 5 seconds flat is crazy hard, to say the least. Fortunately, I struck gold with this $12 pair at TJ Maxx recently. The heel is reasonable, the front is sparkly (important), the shade is nude (love), and the texture won’t rip my feet to shreds. The important thing here is the stretchiness of the shoe overall- maybe I won’t be bleeding all over myself by the end of the night! Worthy goal, right?

Stay Tuned For…. I honestly can’t wait to share more details soon. The ceremony will be non traditional, the music unique… I could spill the beans for days! For now, stay tuned knowing that a ceremony-themed wedding posts is on it’s way… cool?

Share With Me: Do you like these touches? What is your favorite part thus far? Have any tips or tricks of your own to share?

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