How To Stop Smelling Like Your Children

Katie Holmes and Natalie Portman are natural moms who love beauty too.

* Beauty Breakdown of the Week:

In my experience, motherhood and smelliness generally go hand in hand. On any given day I’m discovering a new, disgusting smell in my life: dried milk that spilled in the bottom of my purse unbeknownst to me, or peanut butter in my hair thanks to 10 tiny toddler fingers. And even though my reaction to new smells is more Daria than Sid The Science Kid, I know I need to take action before I become that mom (you know, the one who smells like lost sanity and Similac).

Luckily, perfume was invented to counteract the overwhelming smell of children, and help you pretend you’re a woman again. I love searching for designer perfumes that are on sale (like the many selections from this Perfume website), or even French perfumes so I can pretend I’m sophisticated (pronounced Parfums). Even though husband’s have a small say in what perfume we wear (mine loves Clinique Perfume like “Happy”), I love using products that do the work for me. For example, if your body wash or lotions smell amazing, it’s an easy way to smell good on the go without spending a ton of money. Comprendre?

* Speak Up: How often do you apply perfume during the day?

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6 comments on “How To Stop Smelling Like Your Children
  1. Cassie says:

    I love shopping sales after Christmas – I got a gift pack of my fave scent from Victoria’s Secret with a perfume, lotion, and shower gel for under 20 bucks!

    I spray (probably too much) in the morning (I wear a lab coat, it has to get through!) and don’t reapply unless I’m going out on a date of something.

  2. Oooh- good tip! I need to start doing that too (and I also “under-apply” perfume, so need to get more spray happy so it will last)….

  3. Cassie says:

    I think under-applying is preferable, I’m sure I smell like a hot mess sometimes and not a hot mama 😉

  4. Mandy says:

    As a teacher around little ones (and their smells!) all day I appreciated this article Bailey!

  5. Thanks Mandy… I’m only around 2 all day- so I can’t even imagine a whole classroom! : ) You’re a brave woman

  6. Ibukun says:

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