How To Sparkle With Class (Wearable Holiday Makeup)

I am scared of the word “splurge”… aren’t you? Splurge often denotes that you’re going to be throwing your money to the wind in reckless abandon (even if it sounds like fun), while getting very little back in return. So even though “splurge” is definitely fun to use, I often prefer the term “investment” because it focuses on what you’re really getting back. In this case, I rounded up some of the most recent “investments” launching this holiday season, in the hopes to inspire and encourage you to think about yourself for once (you know you never do).

If you need some ideas for how you can invest in beauty this year, watch the exclusive video created above (showing you how two of the products below can help you with holiday makeup looks), or keep reading for more…

* Calvin Klein Beauty Fragrance Collection

When you think of the words Calvin Klein, what comes to mind? For me it’s sophistication, classic and clean lines… and that’s almost exactly how you could describe the new fragrance collection too (combining sprays, shower products and lotions ranging from $34 to $85). It’s no shock that Calvin Klein is about timeless, refined style, so this perfume is for the serious fragrance connoisseur. And sticking with their  unspoken classy motto, Calvin Klein’s spokesperson Diane Kruger has been seen trotting all over town in their streamlined designs (including the recent 17’th annual Women in Hollywood event from Elle) and supporting the new fragrance. She might not be a mom yet, but when she and Joshua Jackson work their magic (I’ve crushed on him since our Mighty Duck days), they will make some gorgeous babies (likely smelling of Calvin Klein perfume).

* Patyka Lotion Visage Face Toner

I’ll admit it: I’ve used a $1 toner from the drugstore in the past (and even witch hazel when I’m in a pinch), but some women’s skin simply can’t take that treatment. If you have sensitive skin or truly want to protect it against signs of aging, this Patyka Face Toner is created for dry skin to be nurturing, gentle and decadent. It uses floral rose water to eliminate that tight, stinging feeling you get from most toners, helping to balance out your skin (which helps keep blemishes and wrinkles at bay). And since this product is of such high quality, I would recommend using it as your cleanser on makeup-free skin (and don’t worry, because it’s alcohol free!)

* Bare Escentuals Women of B.E. Collection

I’ve been talking about this collection a lot lately, and showcasing it all it’s glory on Makeover Momma TV. Part of the reason why it’s so darn striking is because it looks like a little box of jewels, or a decadent box of chocolates (but of course, it’s so much cooler). It’s available for a limited time on QVC, and it aims to provide vibrant colors that work with all skin-tones. If I found this waiting under the tree for me this year, I think Santa would be getting much more than a thank you note (don’t worry, it’d go no further than a kiss).

* Strivectin SD

Maybe I’m ever so slightly biased about Strivectin SD (since I love them enough to be one of their Strivectin Insiders), but the products aren’t fooling around. Yes, the price is a little steep for some moms (like me), but they are enormous (so they’ll truly last you a long time) and you get what you pay for in terms of ingredients. So if you’re one of those moms who constantly worries about your lines, wrinkles or sagging (and would be willing to shell out for injections or invasive procedures), try this first… you just might find that it’s all you need!

* What Do You Think: What product do YOU really want to invest in this year?

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