How To Shop For Style Around The World

Mom models Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima love exotic, wild looks from around the world…

If you’re like me, a trip to the grocery store sounds like an exotic vacation. And if you don’t have any kids with you? You might as well pull out a flask and make it a party! Getting some time out of the house can be a welcome relief when you’re constantly doing that whole “responsible” thing, but shopping for clothing with kids in tow can feel like torture (they knock over displays and break fragile goods faster than you can say “please don’t call the manager”.)

Instead of dragging the whole fam-damily to the store the next time you need a wardrobe upgrade, try taking an actual “vacation” inside of your own home by shopping overseas. Getting special pieces and amazing accessories from foreign designers can not only give you a unique, fresh look (but it’s also a welcome bit of escapism when you need it the most!)

Start Shopping Around The World:

* Dresses For The Family: Finding a place to shop for the entire family can be tricky, especially if that family has an overabundance of estrogen. Even though I’m a firm believer in a good dress (throw it on, accessorize and you’re done), most places only offer dumpy, frumpy options for moms (and adorable styles for your girls). This is one of the many reasons why I love browsing through Very dresses (a chic UK website that makes me feel all Kate Moss just by looking at it). I am seriously in love with their tailored, flattering styles, and they’re available in tons of different sizes (see how amazing the models look above?) But you can also scoop up equally precious styles for your adorable offspring (without ever having to watch them throw a tantrum in Aisle 3).

* Add A Scarf: My mom is a big fan of a scarf. Whenever she sees me wearing a scarf with an otherwise simple outfit she says “now see, that just adds flare”. And as much as I innately want to think that everything my mother says is wrong (even after having two kids of my own), I know she is completely right. There is something about adding a scarf that takes your clothing from… well, clothing, to fashion. I’m loving the scarves from FRAAS because they have enough texture and color to brighten up my face, without overwhelming the entire ensemble. Unfortunately, I found their German website before the English one (which led to mass panic), but now that we’re speaking the same dialect, I am seriously dreaming about upgrading to a cape (which by the way, is apparently the same word in German).

* Amp Up Hair: Do you feel like your hair is your most underused accessory? Even though it can be overlooked easily, healthy and beautiful hair can be a woman’s number one asset (and add style to almost any outfit you own). I love stealing advice from the UK by choosing the right kind of straightening iron (like the amazing options from ghd Hair Straighteners), and using it to create streamlined, tangle-free strands. These irons are favorites of the Brits, but you don’t have to spend hours in the bathroom to work your hair as an accessory. Try straightening hair only once or twice a week, and keeping roots oil-free with a healthy dose of dry shampoo (make sure you comb those ends though!) Or simply style the front section of your hair, and pull the rest back into a simple bun (or cover with a colorful scarf like the one discussed above!)

* What Do You Think: Would you wear either of the dresses pictured above?

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