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Want to have as much moxie as new mommas Kelly Rutherford and Milla Jovovich (during fashion week?)

  What better time to prove your personal moxie, than during the tailend of Makeover Momma’s exclusive Fashion Week themed week! Just be the first of 5 readers to answer the following question, and you can win an exclusive prize from Moxie!

Answer This: “What is the one piece of clothing you own, that makes you feel like you could strut down the runway?”

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You Win: The adorable product line Moxie is finally landing stateside, and will make that dreaded “time of the month” feel so much more glamorous. Readers will win the entire collection of Moxie products (including the Sleepover Pads, Slender Pads,Slender Liners, and Scanty Panty Liners). They come in such stylish packaging (and completely re-usable tins), that you will never have to hide your “lady products” in the back of your purse again. It will make you feel like every month is fashion week..and who wouldn’t want that?

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2 comments on “How To Score Exclusive Fashion Prizes From Fashion Week — Makeover Momma
  1. Tavia says:

    My long satin black dress. It’s a beautiful dress with a small trail (I always wanted a dress with trail) and with bear back. I wear this dress at 2 weddings and felt like a princess. Everybody was looking because it has a special and sophisticated style that will make any woman feel special inside a dress like this. I hope to post a photo on Twitter soon with this dress:)

  2. Ali says:

    a 2 pc navy blue dress that I wore for a christmas party YEARS ago…working on getting back into that particular stunner, right now…very elegant and royal, and really was an eye-catching ensemble.

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