How To Revinvent The MuMu: Fashion Makeover Moment

What do you do when you can’t find an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful while still being stylish?  You make it of course! That’s exactly what designers Cologne Schmidt and Cammy Hebert did.  The girls, graduates of University of Berkeley, went on a weekend excursion to Miami during the summer of 2009.  They wanted to look chic while dancing the night away.  However, they encountered a seemingly insurmountable obstacle- the humidity and heat of this metropolitan oasis.  Tight fitting clothing was uncomfortable and sweltering.  The girls experimented and created their own makeshift fashion by stretching out the necks of oversized shirts and layering them over vintage slips.  While this created a breathable and flowy mumu-esque dress, the silhouette was still unsuitable.  And that’s how it all began…

Cologne and Cammy resolved to reinvent the Mumu and contribute to the empty place in every woman’s wardrobe by creating the design company Show Me Your Mumu. Mumus can be worn over a slip, leggings, mini skirt, jeans, cutoffs, bike shorts, tights, or tucked into anything high-waisted.  The possibilities are endless.  You will never run out of innovative and beautiful ways to wear the Mumu! Moreover, the Mumu is more than clothing- it’s a philosophy.  The girls profess, “Mumu is not simply a garment, it is a lifestyle.  Spontaneous and fun.  Easy going and versatile.  Make-believe. Travel.  Improvise.  Gold, silver, and bronze worn together.  Feathers and jewels.  Explorers and inventors.  It all encompasses the mumu, and a way of life.”

Mumus are perfect for pregnant women and new moms. It’s not maternity clothing, but it’s loose fitting and comfortable (and it comes it a variety of patterns and colors- some are charming, others bewitching, and still others graceful.  What could be better?)

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