How To Make Blood And Guts Seem Cool….

We at Makeover Momma couldn’t be more excited to be covering family content and the best in kid brands and products. But even though our official Kid Contributor videos let real kids tell mommas what they think...I might the most excited about Human Body Detectives. It was founded by Dr. Heather, the mother of two girls (Pearl and Merrill) who wanted to help children feel proactive about their health in a time where obesity and disease is on the rise. Instead of letting children take the backseat to their health and body, HBD provides exciting audio stories and adventures that teach kids about their bodily systems.

Using three different adventures (see below), children can listen to the fun mishaps of Pearl and Merril (and their little brother Robbie), while playing educational games in their special HBD workbook. Even though the lead characters are female (ideal for girls normally squeamish about red blood cells), the adventures have enough educational “blood and guts” to please boys, as well. Personally, I’ve loved waking up in the morning with my 4 year old, curling up on the couch, and working through our HBD workbook together (she’s a big fan of the stickers, of course). But if you’d rather please the 8 years old and up crowd, get them this series as a means to practicing biology on their own (it’s stimulating for a variety of ages).

The Human Body Detective Adventures:

1. A Heart Pumping Adventure

2. Battle With The Bugs

3. The Lucky Escape

* Sound Off: Would YOU want your kids to learn from Human Body Detectives?

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One comment on “How To Make Blood And Guts Seem Cool….
  1. Julie says:

    Wow! That is such an awesome product!

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