How To Lose Weight and Get Clear Skin Like Katie Holmes: 1 Minute Makeover

Celeb moms like Katie Holmes and Elisabeth Hasselbeck love eating fresh, unprocessed foods…do you?

The Problem: Your eating lots of diet foods to lose (or maintain) your weight… but yet, your skin seems to be getting worse.

The Fix: We love the new book “Eating For Better Skin: 10 Simple Steps” which features a “total body” approach to beauty. Expert (and famous Aesthetician) Geri Giagnorio believes that what you put into your body, effects how you look on the outside. Although many moms think that low-calorie snack foods are a quick way to lose weight, the chemicals, additives and preservatives found inside can often lead to breakouts, skin inflammation and more.

  Geri suggests a series of holistic steps that will help flush your system, and create a clear, clean complexion. Although some moms might not have the time for a rigid regimen, we love some of her simple suggestions (that any mom can do), including a daily liver cleanse (eating 1 to 2 green apples and 2 slices of raw ginger per day), and eating as many raw, fresh foods as possible (we love her organic recipe for chocolate icing!)

* What Do You Think: Would you like to eat this way?

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