How To Live a Gluten Free Lifestyle

* Makeover Momma TV Recap of the Week:

What would you think if you had to eat gluten-free for the rest of your life? This episode of Makeover Momma TV was all about living, cooking and eating when you live in a gluten-free world (and the many ways it can benefit your life and health). Watch on!

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Top Products of the Week

I love going to New York Fashion Week each season (to report for Makeover Momma), but it can create a lot of stress. Between the frenzied pace, high fashion personas and late nights out, it can make any girl feel less than her best (especially when that girl is a full-time, stressed out, far-from-glamorous mom!) Even if you’re not primping and prepping for fashion like moi (that’s couture for “me”), you might be anticipating a special event like a wedding, girls night out or anniversary dinner.

No matter the reason, season or occasion, these products will have you looking (and photographing) at your very best….

* FusionBeauty PrimeResults Primers: I like to treat my skin like a toddler: it can be cute and enjoyable on a good day, but nothing makes it more difficult than late nights and inconsistent schedules. Even though I’ve tried my fair share of skin perfecting primers in the past, I always end up ditching them after a few uses because they make my complexion dry or cast a weird tone. These FusionBeauty primers helped tone down redness and kept my T-zone free from oil, but left my skin looking pristine in photos, instead of splotchy and greige (yes, greige can be a word).

* Go Smile Pre-Whitening Gel: Do you hate wasting your precious money on drugstore whitening treatments, only to see very little results? The new Go Smile Pre-Whitening treatment was created to “prep” your teeth for whitening (much like the primers above prep your complexion for makeup), and end up doubling the whitening results in the process. Pretty good way to multitask, right?

* Speak Up: What is YOUR favorite product to help you feel glamorous before a big event?

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