How To Keep Your Air Clean But Your House Cleaner

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Springtime brings a lot of aesthetic problems for busy moms: puffy eyes from allergies, inflamed skin from the heat and limp, lifeless hair leftover from winter. Makeover Momma TV tackled all of these spring beauty conundrums (and much, much more) on this week’s tip and confession filled show…

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Product of the Week: Aussan Natural Cleaning Products

This month I’ve been showing my favorite cleaning secret live on Makeover Momma TV: Aussan Natural. It’s a completely eco-friendly, non-toxic line of cleaning products that are safe no matter what. This means that the next time your toddler licks the coffee table or your teenager eats a cookie off the floor, you don’t have to worry about what a terrible mother you are (trust me, you’re not). All of the products are safe to use around children, pets, family with allergies and even the odd endangered species or two. My favorite products at the moment are as follows…

* Aussan Natural Nursery Oder Eliminator: Got a stinky baby? No matter how much I clean my kids room, there is always some sort of Science Experiment + pseudo-Broadway performance in their bunk beds to create weird afternoon odors that no one can identify. This does the trick without putting fake smells and strange toxins in the air, so they (and I) can sleep soundly.

* Aussan Natural All Purpose Cleaner: This is what I use when someone has peed, drooled or spilled on the couch (and sometimes a combination of all three). It eliminates stains from the dog’s muddy feed, and decreases weird wet spots from the baby’s leaky bottle. Fabulous!

Fast Fitness Update: Kinect Challenge

If you’ve been thinking about getting an Xbox Kinect in an effort to stay fit and healthy with your family, I have two words for you: do it. I’m not saying this because someone told me too or because I’ve been bribed (trust me, Santa had to pinch some serious pennies for that Kinect), but rather because I’ve seen the benefit first hand. My daughter jumps up off the couch to roll around with a life-like tiger, while I get literal one-on-one style of personal training from the fitness games. Despite the many amazing movement oriented games available, Dance Central continues to top my list.

As a dance teacher and lifelong dancer, it feels so “close to home” to take a 10 or 15 minute dance class in the morning (especially since it’s literally in my own home). And even though I have plenty of experience, I’m never bored with the dance challenges or routines (I just make sure to use the hardest level and work on improving my movements). By the time I’m done I’m sweaty, sore and feel like I’m leaving my favorite dance studio. Trust me, that’s a feeling that you just can’t pass up!

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One comment on “How To Keep Your Air Clean But Your House Cleaner
  1. GG says:

    Hi Bailey! I loooove Dance Central! Next I want to try some zumba and yoga on kinect.

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