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It often seems that super skinny celebrity mothers are born naturally slim, or that they “just eat in moderation” to achieve their thin shape. However, many new mothers are speaking out about the extreme measures they really take to reach the size we see on screen.Natasha Henstridge (a mother of two) recently spoke out about the intense diet (and diet pill habit) she had to endure to maintain her slim size, jeopardizing her health in the process. She finally decided to embrace her tall, curvy figure and begin a more balanced and naturally active lifestyle.

Actress Courtney Thorne Smith has detailed her battle with eating disorders for years, but after becoming a mother for the first time at 40, she has been spotted going on healthy walks with her new husband and baby boy. Although it’s easy for so many mommas to fall into unhealthy and extreme habits, we hope that more women can embrace the trend of embracing their body as it is naturally. After all, how else can you be a good role model for your children?

* Do you feel that you have embraced your body’s natural shape, or do you still struggle with a healthy image and lifestyle?

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