How To Get Vintage Inspired Hair and Makeup From The Runway– Speedy Beauty Spotlight

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 Do you want to get runway-ready hair and makeup, without spending tons of money on products (or tons of time in front of the mirror?) Check out the beautiful hair and makeup looks we recently spotted at the Fashion Fights Poverty runway event, and listen to our exclusive interview with creative director James Cornwell (photo at bottom) on what inspired the looks.

1. What is the overall look that you’re going for [at Fashion Fights Poverty 2009]?

  “The overall look that we’re going for is sort of a vintage feel. We’re doing a 20’s and 30’s spin, with some pin curls…a little finger wave…little wet, slick look. We’re just loving the vintage vibe.”

2. You’re clearly doing a lot with the dark, smoky eye… are you doing bold lips too?

  ” Just bold eyes. We did a blue smokey eye and a black smokey eye, and we’re doing a nude lip. Although one designer wanted a red lip, so we’re going to change it backstage really quickly and put some color on.”

   Want to hear more about the sexy, throw-back aesthetic seen on the runway? Watch our fantastic video with James Cornwell below (where he tells all of the great Phyto hair products used for the show), and read how you can get this look at home…

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Top 3 Tips For Getting A Perfect Smoky Eye:

1) As a mom, you probably don’t have time to apply eye makeup perfectly in the morning. Try taking a simple pencil (or one that has multiple colors, like Eyeliner Duet from N.Y.C) and smudge as close to the lash line as possible. Using a lighter shade on the inner corners of your eye, and darker color on the outside, will make your eyes look huge.

2) If you don’t have time for pencil, use a small amount of eye shadow instead, and make sure it’s blended into the skin for a “smoky effect” (or try a pencil that works as eye shadow, like Wet & Wild Cream Eyeshadow).

3) When in doubt, take Erika (from Makeup Bag)’s advice, “The messier, the better.” Check out her smokey eye tips here…

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Top 3 Tips For Vintage Hair:

1) Try twirling 2 to 3″ pieces of hair around your finger, curling and pinning into a flat bun against your head, and then sleeping on it overnight. It’s a quick way to style your hair, without tons of trouble. (Make sure to gently break up the tightness of curls with a comb in the morning.)

2) Switch your part. Simply switching your hair into a deep side part will create a throw-back aesthetic, without lots of work (try pulling into a sleek ponytail, for a classic- but practical- look).

3) If you want loose, gentle waves, try twisting hair into two giant buns on the top of your head (shortly after a shower), and letting it air dry. Take it down, shake it out, and enjoy easy, breezy waves.

* Speak Up: Which would you rather wear: a dramatic, smoky eye shadow or dramatic, vintage hair?

Credit: © Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd. and Daniele Venturelli/  from Daily & Fashion Fights Poverty Facebook page

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