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  After attending the Jill Stuart Spring 2010 runway show during New York Fashion Week, one thing was very apparent… we love her feminine, mom-friendly style!The audience was littered with celebrities (see Rachel Bilson and Amanda Bynes, above), and although they are not moms themselves, anyone could wear these fun, flexible fashion trends.

    Although many outfits (like the pieces shown in our exclusive Jill Stuart video below) were a bit too daring for normal street-wear, all of her trends can be easily applied to your every day life. Here is how to steal our Top 5 Favorite Trends from the Jill Stuart fashion show:

1) Ballerina Accents: We loved the beautiful tu-tu like skirts and flowing fabric that highlighted many of Jill Stuarts dresses and skirts.Try looking for skirts with layers, ruffles, or choosing dresses with simple, low necklines (reminiscent of classical ballet costumes) to achieve this trend.

2) Choose White: Although there were many daring pieces (like wide jackets and skin-tight outfits), the beautifully draped white dresses reminded us of Greek goddesses. Make whit interesting (and be your own goddess) by choosing white dresses or tops with draped fabric touches.

3) Strappy Necklines: The intricate necklines and structured straps seen on many of the dresses and tops (see photo at top) continued to seem reminiscent of ballet leotards, but almost any mom can wear this look. Try finding new necklines to punch up your wardrobe- one shoulder, deep V, or intricately laced straps…it’s up to you!

4) Studs and Lace: The contradiciton of good girl/bad girl seemed to rule the runway at Jill Stuart, as small strappy dresses and mini skirts battled it out between metal stud and feminine lace accents. Pick which side you’re on and go for it (but simplify the structure of the garment itself).

5) Wild Jackets: Many of the jackets at Jill Stuart featured wide shoulders, crazy accents and plenty of studs, but we love the concept of pairing an interesting Fall jacket with basic, simple pieces (think sleek black pants, leggings or simple skirts).

* Which Jill Stuart runway trend is your favorite?

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