How To Get Long, Lean Legs — Baby Zone Move

Tighten, tone and lengthen your legs at home with these ballet inspired moves…without needing any equipment! Check out more fitness videos on Makeover Momma You Tube channel

* Do you have a body part you want us to target, or a challenge/problem with workouts you want to overcome? Send us complaints and comments, and we’ll create an exercise for you!

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2 comments on “How To Get Long, Lean Legs — Baby Zone Move
  1. Tavia says:

    I really like this exercises, my legs kind of burn after but I think this is a good sign.I hope you can post more videos about different exercises for different body parts:D

  2. bailey says:

    Thanks! I filmed an ab exercise set on the same day (same outfit too- haha), so that will be up soon… I agree- it really burns!

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