How To Get Gadget Glam (Tech Nerds Can Be Pretty Too)


The Talk: Think gadgets and gals don’t mix? Here is a few sneaky ways to make your technical side for more glam (or at least save money). Ready, set, makeover…

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* Get Icona-Pretty: Making over the buttons on your iPhone might seem ridiculous and petty, but the little things in life really do make a difference (and if you’re going to stare at something all day, might as well make it worth staring at, right?) For those of you with apple apps, take these easy FREE steps to revamping your icons.

1. Download the Cocoppa app. It’s completely free, but super duper foreign so don’t even try to understand it.

2. Next, scroll straight to the bottom of the screen and search for whichever icon you want to makeover (in this case, I searched for “notes”).

3. A page of cool options should appear. Pick whichever you like the best, and then hit “Set Up Link”

4. On the new page, click “Search For Apps” and type in the app with which you search (redundant?) For me, I searched for “notes”…obviously.

5. Once you find the app you want, save it under the name you prefer and hit “OK”. If you find an app you didn’t know you needed (in my case, “Notestagram”), you can download it right then and there.

6. After you hit “OK”, your iPhone will ask you if it can open to Safari so you can add the icon to your home-screen. Naturally click yes, and after which, you’ll have super brainless instructions on how to do so. Easy

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7. Once you’ve added… you’re done! Except you need move all of the old ugly icons in to a separate folder. I delicately titled the folder “Fuglies”, moved it to a screen I don’t use often, and called it a day. (FYI, don’t know how to do add a new folder to your iphone? Just drag one icon on top of another and it will create a folder for you who’s name you can change to whatever insult you like).

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* Quit TV Forever: Now that I’ve finally moved my girls and I in to our new pad (decor details and further pad insight provided in future posts shortly), I am trying to cut corners anyway I can find. Best discovery lately? Completely cutting cable, spending the tiny extra amount of investment for a Roku box, and live streaming all of our favorite TV and movies. Prior to this, I would lay on the futon watching Hulu on my laptop, while my Comcast cable went un-used… so why bother? Now I can play music videos on Vevo, access any kids movies and TV series for my girls that I want on Netflix, or watch my favorite New Girl episodes on Hulu. Best of all? I can even use the iPhone app as my remote. Yes, this means I can pause the TV show from upstairs, just to drive the people watching downstairs crazy. You’re so very welcome!

Stay Tuned Tomorrow For Details On The #BeMakeoverMomma Parties And More Chances To Win!

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