How To Get Fall Makeup Trends — Beauty Product Roundup

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   Although we’re still enjoying the last few weeks of summer, we can’t help but look forward to the beautiful makeup shades and beauty trends of Fall. Luckily, Fall isn’t just about dark dramatics lipsticks and smoky eyeshadows… but embracing (and matching) your eye and skin color for a perfectly chic look (as seen on runways and celeb moms). Try embracing this simple trend of creamy, matte skin and rich eye makeup that accentuates everything that makes you beautiful…

 * For Flawless, Matte Skin:  Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Custom Face Perfector Cream Foundation

    Transition from sheer summer foundations to creamy, matte Fall coverage. The key to staying current is finding a corresponding shade (whether you’re pail like Hung star Anne Heche, or still sporting a Demi Moore-esque tan), and only applying as much product as your skin needs (Maybelline’s new foundation lets you choose how sheer or heavy you want things to be). Try lightly dusting your shiniest sports with a mattifying powder (like Rimmel London’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder).

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* To Accentuate Your Eyes: Cover Girl Exact EyeLights Eye Brightening Mascara

   Although it may seem cliche to match your eye-makeup to your eye color, the Fall season keeps things fresh with dark, rich shades (that any mom can pull off).Keep things simple by lining eyes in a shade slightly darker than your own eye color (check out easy-to-use pencils from Styli Style) or try matching your eye shade to your outfit (like new mom Ashlee Simpson-Wentz). Make pupils truly pop with color-enhancing mascara (Cover Girl’s new brand is designed to enhance blue, green, hazel and brown).

* Sound Off: What color eye makeup or mascara makes your eyes stand out the most?

*All product suggestions at Makeover Momma can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart, Target, drugstore, or online at affordable retailers.

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