How To Flatter Your Curves Like Jennifer Hudson — Exclusive Interview With Celebrity Stylist Llyod Boston

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Celebrate your curves (like mom Jennifer Hudson and Rachel Weisz) with Jones of New York and celebrity style expert, Llyod Boston…

 Do you ever wonder how you can dress your curves, without cramping your style? Makeover Momma was able to get an exclusive interview with long-time Today show stylist Lloyd Boston. Although Lloyd hosts the Fine Living Network show Closet Cases (and is author of one of our favorite books Before You Out That On), he is also an expert on dressing a woman’s body to flatter her individual shape. Lloyd has gotten together with Jones of New York, to create a beautiful Plus Size assortment of designs (and he spills the beans on how you can enjoy your curves too!)

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1)  We love how you give lifestyle and  fashion makeovers to busy women, on your Fine Living show Closet Cases. What should every woman do right now to their  closets, that can improve their personal style?

“Thanks!  I love hosting Closet Cases on FLN.  There is a story in every woman’s closet—and I love uncovering and celebrating it. This season, I recommend returning to, what I like to call, The Closet Classics.  My top three would be:

– A Gray Separate: Could be a skirt, tailored jacket, or even a cozy cardigan.  Gray was all over the runways for Fall 2009—and it is an easy way to celebrate a trend, while remaining classic.

-A Crisp White Shirt: You would be surprised at how many women don’t own a quality version.  The JNY Easy Care is my favorite.  It is wash, dry, wear—and will instantly brighten up your existing wardrobe—whether paired with a sharp pencil skirt, or dark denim even.

-The Statement Coat: Getting Style Miles mean maximizing your existing wardrobe—just by adding a few new key seasonal pieces.  A bold statement coat in a lipstick red, faux fur, plaid are great, entrance-making options.  Investing in this first, will give all your old clothes new life.

2) Many new mothers feel self conscious about  their curvier body after having a baby. What do you think are the three body  parts that every woman should call attention to, to help them look slimmer  in their clothing?

“That’s an easy one!  Shoulders never let you down.  Show them off in modern, one-shoulder tops, or asymmetrical blouses. Legs should be strong this season.  If yours haven’t bounced back this season—knee boots are a visually slimming trick. Lastly, have fun with pops of unexpected color as your body returns to you.  Bold hues near the face can bring warmth to the skin.  A shockingly bright handbag can detract the eye from the tummy in transition. ”

3) If a  curvier woman wants to flatter her upper body, what to do you think is one  of the most universally flattering necklines?

“I vote for the deep v-neck.  It will create a heart-shape line around the bust, and create the illusion of an hourglass frame, when paired with fitted bottoms.”

4) Many mommas are excited about the Jones New  York Plus Size clothing line. What is your favorite thing about this  line?

“The breadth of it.  Most women’s collections offer fewer options than that of a brand’s missy collection.  JNY spreads the love!”

5) You offer fabulous  advice on Closet Cases, so we  have to ask… What is the best bit of style advice that someone ever taught  you?

“My mom!  “Style begins, where the rules end.”  And she was so right!”

* Do you agree with Lloyd’s fantastic and fashionable advice? What is your top trick for flattering curves?

 Images courtesy of Essence and People.

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3 comments on “How To Flatter Your Curves Like Jennifer Hudson — Exclusive Interview With Celebrity Stylist Llyod Boston
  1. BEST POST EVERRRR! and right in time for the CURVY mommy’s be Vegas bloggy adventure!!!! I had no idea that JNY carried plus sizes. To be honest, being a bigger girl, I’ve always felt relegated to places like Target and Layne Bryant, neither of which have the panache of JNY. I’m a former fashionista with the body of a spud so it’s hard to balance the two. I hate hiding under stacks but worry about the bumpy bits too. THANKS Make Over Momma and the divine Mr. Boston.. I’m off to go shopping!

  2. So excited I didn’t check my comment, I sound like I have cotton in my yap! I meant to say THIS curvy mommy’s BIG Vegas bloggy adventure! and hiding under SACKS not stacks (that makes me sound like some lonely librarian!) NOW I’m off to shop!!!

  3. Bailey says:

    haha… you are too funny! Thanks so much- I was super excited too! Let me know if you get anything cool, or want to share your experience later! : )

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