How To Fake A Blow Out Without Ever Touching Your Blow Dryer



The Inspiration: The simplistic, subtle look of the “so naturally pretty it’s not fair” Amy Adams from one of my favorite dorky chick flicks Leap Year. (I wish the unequivocally sexy Irish lad from this flick was part of the deal, but sadly, he’s not). What better inspiration for lazy, tired moms (i.e. me) than a movie where she has barely showered in 48 hours?

The Process:




1. I tend to wash my hair the night before and then ignore it until it’s dry (hence no need for a blowdryer). If you have naturally wavy hair like me, try to tone it down with moisturizing or straightening shampoo, plenty of conditioner, and so forth. Whatever will tame the wild beast

2. Comb out your hair until it’s as straight as humanly possible without actually putting effort in to it. If your hair is delightfully dirty (which if you’re a mother, it likely is), than spray it down with some dry shampoo. Because I’m generally poor as well (this is beginning to sound like a scene from Oliver Twist), I use Pssssst! from my local grocery store. I find it for around $2.99 in the area with mini products for travel or airplanes. Best…stuff…ever.

3. Shake the bottle, hose down your roots until they turn as white as Marie Antoinette [the fabulous Sophia Coppola version of course], leave it for awhile, than massage in to your scalp as if you’re really ‘washing that man right out of your hair’.

4. Apply a dime size amount of product to protect your ends (essential). If you don’t have any heat specific product around, you can always use a little bit of non-scented lotion [I kid you not], because something creating a barrier against the flat iron is better than nothing.

5. You’ve heard it all before: flat irons are bad. Frankly, everything we do to our hair as women is bad, so my goal is just to minimize the exposure. Separate your hair in to easily manageable segments and quickly flat iron 1 – 2″ sections. As long as you keep it moving and keep it swift, I put mine on almost-the-highest setting to make the process shorter. Fast, easy, done.

6. Your hair won’t be perfect- that’s kind of the point. But it will look almost like a fancy blow out in half the time. Leave it alone until it cools, shoot with a quick shot of hairspray if you must [I don’t], fluff those roots and get rolling.

7. Top off your look with simple makeup. Draw a super thin line of black liquid eyeliner directly along your lashline, extending out past until it almost feels too far [trust me, it’ll look good]. Layer on some mascara and you’re done.


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Speak Up: What do you like the most about this look: hair or makeup?

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