How To Dress Like You’re A Morning Person (Even If You’re Not)


The Outfits: I am not a morning person. I have never been a morning person. Although my mom has long since insisted that once I had children, my body would adjust and I’d suddenly find myself waking up in the mornings… it never happened. Without a vibrating alarm, I could sleep ALL day while my children bombed China or petitioned Congress, and wouldn’t be the wiser. Of course my health doesn’t help (I need as much sleep as a teenage boy with mono, though I’m perpetually depraved), but either way…looking presentable in the mornings is a struggle.

And since I’m a writer from home, I don’t really have a “reason” for changing out of my pajamas during the day. Still, I have mastered a lazy-lady uniform of sorts for the early hours so that I don’t mortify my children dropping them at school (just kidding- I love embarrassing them!), but am not spending a millisecond more on style, makeup or anything between. This is my “roll out of bed without your brains” guide to getting dressed in the AM without shame…

* The Sweater + Workout Skirt Fix: I just grab one of my favorite comfy skirts from Target, and pair it with an even comfier sweater, and voila! I’m almost wearing normal, adult clothing.

* The Big Tank + Skinny Bottom Combo: I got this “Dance” tank for only $5 on sale, but bought it intentionally a few sizes too big. Why? So I can exhale, but also so I can layer it with ease. Naturally, a slim-fitting bottom is essential (in this case, skinnies from Tar-jay), and a $4 bandeau bra. Done!

* The Workout Tank + Little Boot Idea: This tank top is my new favorite from Target (because it’s long over the bum, which makes said bum feel smaller), and want to buy one in every shade before they’re gone. Even though it’s meant for teaching dance or working out, I like wearing it with “real clothing” like skinny jeans or shorts, and topping it off with booties. Easy, easy.

* The Big Hoodie + Easy Short Go-To: If you simply cannot part from your pajamas in enough time to get out the door, try making your sweats resemble something formally cute. I adore these hoodies from Target (again, long over the butt), with these super-cheap sale shorts (they were maybe $6).

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Let Me Know: Which look do you turn to in the mornings?

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