How To DIY Before Summer: Swim Coverups, Colored Hair and Funky Ear Cuffs


The Topic: Despite my anti-DIY nature, I am comparably lazy, broke and… lazy. So as the warm weather months loom around the (very distant) corner, I’m already harkening to trends and tricks without wanting to spend the dough. Here’s how to steal the styles without going near a store…

DIY For The Anti-Crafter:

* Sexy Swimsuit Cover-Up: Hate having your “I’ve endured multiple pregnancy” stomach on full display as much as I do? Grab one of your over-sized T-shirts, measure and cut a rectangle shape into the back, cut a slit 1/2 way along one side and re-tye in a knot for a slimmer fit. (See also my DIY low back T!)

* Funky Cuff Earring With Dangles: It’s no shocker how you get the faux-cuff look (it took me a super cheap visit to Claire’s and my closet-hipster-innards were satiated), but almost all options come with a tiny stud attached. This limits your ability to wear dramatic, dangles [my preference]… but did you know the chain on almost all attached-cuff earrings can easily slip off of the stud and on to any dueling, matching dangles of your preference? Your welcome.

* Colored Strands of Hair: I’ve been wanting to dye bits of my hair varying colors for awhile now, but didn’t want to bleach my finally-healthy-and-naturally-dark strands in order to achieve the effect. Instead of spending $15 or more on hair chalk or hair mascara or any derivative thereof, try raiding your kid’s art supplies. I used my own art pastel (yes, the kind I use in doodles), wet a strand of hair, saturated it with a bit of pastel, let it semi-air dry, and sealed the hue with a few swipes of flat iron. Be patient and wait until it dries… and voila! Color that lasted me all day until my next wash. Or for a more dramatic, lasting effect, there are now available clip in hair extensions in different color variations! (Now I’ve created a monster. Next time: purple!)

Don’t-It-Yourself: Not in the mood for snipping a baggy boyfriend-T to get that summer cover-up? This gal is $29.

Want to spread the crafty love? Share this summer-loving DIY bonanza on Pinterest and I’ll “I Dream of Genie” blink my way onto your couch for a hug. I’m just kidding. That’d just be creepy.

Let Me Know: Which of these tricks do you aim to try?

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  1. unusua says:

    Despite my anti-DIY nature,This limits your ability to wear dramatic.

    ear cuffs

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