How Rock Stars and Revolutionary Products Go Hand In Hand

Moms Jennifer Lopez and Adriana Lima are the masters of multitasking…

* Family Review Fest of the Week:

Motherhood has made me extremely indecisive. I don’t know if that’s the lack of brain cells or the continual nonexistence of energy, but sometimes making a concise choice seems far too difficult. So what is today’s post about exactly? To put it simply, a little bit everything. Whether getting advice from chart climbing musicians or de-puffing eyes with super potent serums, I investigate all of the best in beauty, bands and brands.

* If You Need To Embrace Your Inner Rock Star: Key To The Midway

Makeover Momma is obviously a website for busy, budgeted women, and is more about losing “LB’s” than the latest “EP’s”. Never the less, how could I turn down the chance to interview burgeoning rock stars Key To The Midway? And though it may be hard to believe, rockers have their own healthy dose of health advise too. On working out, drummer Ryan English admits, “I play drums so I get my workout there”, while fellow bandmember Jess Barnes admits to doing “jumping jacks” while on the road. But even when they’re not staying fit for shows, they are taking their own mother’s advice. Says Drew English, “Remember where you came from and always keep your future in mind”. In fact, some of their fans are mothers themselves (“We are mother approved”, admits guitarist Corey “CoCo” Yoder). Of course, if our own children ever decide to become rock stars one day, should we encourage them? “Be realistic, always support them, and make sure they know it’s a harder road than it looks”. Not bad, eh?

* If You Want To Turn Back The Clock: Absolution Le Soin Regard

My eyes need a lot of work. They’re puffy from children, red from stress and have dark circles from genetics (in case you didn’t notice, I am deeply attractive). If you’re in the same swollen, sallow boat, try Absolution Le Soin Regard eye cream, which uses caffeine to deflate puffiness and light reflecting ingredients to illuminate the eye area. Aloe vera regenerates and soothes your skin, without irritating the sensitive area. So the next time that baby is reaching new octaves on the monitor, reach for this stuff…it’s like sleep in a bottle!

* Sound Off: Which do you need more- time to de-stress at concert or a good night’s sleep?

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