How Perricone Wants To Makeover Your Skin For Life: Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight

Want fresh, natural skin like Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie? Find the right regimen…

Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight: Perricone MD

“Wrinkled, sagging skin is not the inevitable result of growing older. It is a disease and you can fight it. You can look your best, feel your best, and enjoy beautiful skin and optimal health every day of your life.” This is the guarantee and the belief that fuels Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a board certified clinical and research dermatologist. He believes that every woman deserves beautiful, healthy skin (and how much do we love him now?) After years of research and devoted time and effort, Dr. Perricone has arrived at what he thinks causes the most common skin-related problems like breakouts, wrinkles, and loss of firmness. Let these products inspire you too…

Our Favorite Products:

* Skin Clear Cleanser: $35.00

Say “goodbye” to acne, and “hello” to silky smooth, ageless skin. Who knew a cleanser could do so much for your skin? Perricone believes in treating every aspect of your complexion, from start to finish (not just a moisturizer here or a serum there). Here’s is where we also say “thank you Perricone!”

* Cold Plasma: $150.00

Can’t afford an $150 product? Keep an eye out on Makeover Momma. We strive to giveaway Perricone products whenever possible, so you can get your hands on the brand with the cult following. And luckily, Cold Plasma has the ground breaking technology (and anti-aging benefits) to back up the price tag…

* Active Tinted Moisturizer: $35.00

Lines? Wrinkles? Pale skin? Never heard of such things once you start using this tined moisturizer, which works in culmination with other potent ingredients to brighten up your skin and reduce signs of aging.

What You Can Get At Your Makeover Madness Party: Kingdom Ventures Wine Carrier

Need an excuse to drink wine on a daily basis? Let the Kingdom Ventures Wine Carrier (only $8) be your reason for becoming a wino. Why? Well, first of all, remind yourself that a small glass of wine is actually a very beneficial habit (great for your heart, and certainly better than other forms of alcohol). Plus, Kingdom Ventures helps you actually give back because every bag is created from 100% recycled materials, and provides a job for men, women and children rescued from the sex trafficking industry. So the next time you raise a glass, you’ll be able to remember how many good things it’s did along the way (the grape has never been so eco-chic!)

* Sound Off: If you had absolutely no budgetary restrictions, would you use Perricone every day?

Want to host a Makeover Madness party in August? Just email or comment here for more information. For JUST this month, you and your guests can order any items (even if only $6) to participate …so act fast and comment for more info!

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3 comments on “How Perricone Wants To Makeover Your Skin For Life: Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight
  1. I’m a new reader to your blog, but have loved the few articles that I’ve read here today. Good stuff!

  2. maria says:

    LOVE my free items I had in July’s MMparty package!! Couldn’t get over how much was in there. I told me friends and they have been checking out your site recently!! Thanks again!!

  3. Thanks Maria… you’re such a sweetheart for sharing- so glad to hear your thoughts!

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