How I Went From A Scary, No-Makeup Pumpkin To A Fancy-Pants Holiday Lady In 5 Minutes or Less


The Products: The Mary Kay Holiday collection

The Need: I love makeup (if the website detailing aesthetics and assorted girlyness wasn’t a dead give-away)… but I’m also a creature of habit. I love to do the exact same look all the time: winged liquid eyeliner, tons of mascara and very little lip. In fact, I legitimately only use lipstick and eyeshadow if I’m on stage, or if I’ve had far too much Kahlua and Bailey’s to drink. That being said, since the holidays are an ephemeral time of year, it’s the ideal instance to branch out of your beauty box… and try something new. Fortunately, I got asked to be on the official Mary Kay Conde Naste influencer panel, and thus was sent these goodies to put to the test! Ready to see?


 photo 1_zpsc5a414f0.jpg

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been feeling kinda cruddy lately (see also, giant wires sticking out of my chest), so I’ve been rocking the sallow, pale, no-makeup look more and more (ok, everyday). Perfect opportunity to feel pretty and fancy for once? Yes!

 photo 1a_zps97cd5e3e.jpg

1) Prep Your Face: I used the new Mary Kay Foundation Primer with SPF 15 (which gives a perfect soft, dewy look before bed too, FYI), and the TimeWise Age Fighting Lip Primer before rolling.

 photo 1aa_zps2540a7f1.jpg

2) Get Glowing: The only thing I avoid more than shadow and lipstick is blush. Still, my face needed some serious warmth, so I became near giddy over the Mary Kay Mineral Bronzing Powder in Dessert Sand. The two ethereal, golden colors mixed together to create the perfect “something” happening on my cheeks and forehead, without adding layers of fake looking pigment. (Plus, it’d make a super good eyeshadow on a later date. See me warming to the idea?)

3) Go Smoky: As mentioned before, I’m not a big eyeshadow girl, so I was super nervous about using a palette… but this proved to be so easy, it took me only 30 seconds! I simply swiped the black shade really tight against my eyeline- practically into my lashes- followed with the silver hue. I used my finger to make things smoky and imperfect after, and added a dose of the light color to the center of my lid to open up my eyes even more. Really, that’s it!

 photo 2_zpsf15592a3.jpg

4) Feel Lashy: I was confused by the new Mary Kay Eyelash Primer at first because- unlike the typical goopy white variety with which I’m accustomed- this primer was clear. The best part about this is you can use it prior to mascara to double your length (and make eye makeup easier to remove later), but also in of itself on a low-maintanence day for longer lashes. After the primer, Lash Love needed to happen (seriously, I’ve talked about it before). Now full disclosure, friends, I did add a few individual false eyelashes on top [in the photos shown], because I was attending a fancy event that inspired such fakery… but my lashes looked crazy long either way.

 photo 3_zps365425e5.jpg

5) Be Lippy: Finally, I decided to challenge myself completely and swipe on a coat of True Dimensions Lipstick in “Natural Beaute” which was just as natural and soft as one would expect. I didn’t have to add liner or gloss, or even fix a smudge- just on and done. Top it off with the Finishing Spray for your entire face (how much am I going to use that at my wedding in two weeks?)… and fiji!

The After: Tada!

 photo 4_zps6a24788c.jpg

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