How I Lost Inches In 30 Days (And Finally Beat Belly Bloat)

Mommies Michelle Obama and Jennifer Hudson stay fit and healthy…

* Product Review of the Month:

I lose weight in all the wrong places. The second I want to slim down, my bust and legs shrink faster than Kate Bosworth, and my stomach and hips stay exactly the same. Part of the reason why I wanted to try the T-Tapp Workout for 30 days was because it’s elongating effect on muscles is known to shrink inches in the trickiest of places (even if it seems impossible). Another reason why I loved the concept is because I don’t have tons of time to workout each day, so T-Tapp’s 15 minute time line is perfect. Even though I tried to fit in a full 40 minutes once a week (which flew by easily, by the way), I pretty much just did 15 minutes 4 to 5 days a week. Most importantly, T-Tapp offers American Sign Language and subtitle friendly videos for the deaf and hard of hearing, so I was able to not miss a beat (literally) because my workouts were interpreted.

Many T-Tapp Workout fans say that once your body adjusts to the unique system, you can reduce your workouts to every other day and still  maintain your results. And since the workout is so different (tiny, intricate movements that move constantly like Tai Chi on Red Bull), you kind of have to try it to believe it. But even though my results aren’t as shocking as so many others who try T-Tapp, you have to keep in mind that I’m already at my “happy weight” and don’t want to get too thin. The main reason I wanted to devote myself to T-Tapp, was the significant improvement it can have on chronic pain, fatigue and auto-immune diseases. Although a few personal problems and ailments delayed me over the 30 days, I still felt a boost in my energy level and a decrease in my muscle pain (imagine how I’ll feel in 60 days!)

* Final Results: After 15 minutes per day (4 to 5 days a week) for 30 days, I lost a solid 1 inch from my waist, and 1/2 inch from my both hips and thighs!

Bonus Product Review: Slimmies Chocolates

There are few things in life I can’t live without (namely my family, my coffee and my chocolate). So when I heard of Slimmies (chocolates created to help you lose weight), I was equal parts deliriously excited and deeply skeptical. Since I never want to promote “diet” or “weight loss” pills or supplements on Makeover Momma (you know, the “safe” kind that makes you stroke out at the PTA meeting), but Slimmies seemed to be all about fiber. Since I never get enough fiber in my diet (I’m the laziest vegetarian and gluten-free eater in the world), this could be a good thing.

Slimmies are high-fiber chocolate chews that get your digestive system going and help things flow smoothly (if you catch my not-so-subtle or attractive drift). Unfortunately, I tried Slimmies the very same day I tried new fiber pills from the doctor…. and ended up camping out in the bathroom with one too many Parenting magazines and a few tears. Having learned that lesson, I can honestly say that when chewing Slimmies in of themselves (2 to 3 a day before meals), they can be a great way to keep your digestion on track and eliminate extra belly bloat. I’m not a fan of taking anything for “weight loss” (unless we’re talking basic exercise and healthy eating), but fiber supplements can not only be helpful…. they can encourage your healthy lifestyle by making you feel better. Pretty good deal, right?

Final Results: I lost 3 pounds of “bloating” weight and my stomach felt so much better!

* Speak Up: What do you think of my results at the end of 30 days?

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