How Haircare Bottles Can Inspire Your Makeup

Are you hankering for a fresh beauty look to spice up your stale routine? Even though I tend to have about as much originality in my day to day beauty routine as my daughter’s love of Elmo, I decided to bust out of my own basic routine and let the beautiful new John Frieda Root Awakening line inspire both my makeup and hair in this video tutorial.

And when I say “inspire”, I mean literally. I actually studied the soft green design and sleek bottles as the source of my inspiration, using the black and light mint colors as my palette. Luckily, this gave me the perfect opportunity to test out something I’ve never done before: the smoky eye. And since I love Pixi beauty products just as much as John Frieda’s new line, I combined the two for a fun, sultry look.

* Mint & Grey Smoky Eye: The idea of a dark, smoldering eye might seem terrifying to moms who’s usual beauty routine consists of chapstick and concealer (myself included), but the intimidation factor is completely stripped away with Pixi Smoky Eye Stick. This handy stick is used to give you precise application, so your eye looks more Angelina and less Ranger Rick.

* Thick, Full Lashes: I normally prefer extremely long, defined eyelashes (or at least that’s my goal whenever I have the time to care), but this look called for tons of thick, full eyelashes. I decided to branch out of my usual mascara comfort zone and put the new Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion to the test (a combination of lengthening and volumizing effects).

* Texturized Hair: There is nothing more “awakening” than fighting flat, perma-ponytail mommy hair and busting out with some volume. I created big, va-va-voom hair by using both the Root Awakening Strength Restoring Hair Spray and Root Awakening Strength Boosting Leave In Spray on freshly cleansed hair, before teasing gently at the roots and scrunching to promote naturals waves.

* Sound Off: What is the craziest beauty inspiration you’ve ever found? Was this John Frieda inspired look a “hit” or “miss”?

Credit: © Celebrity Gossip

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