How Far Would You Go For Beauty?: Beauty Trend Focus

She may not be a mom, but Jessica Simpson’s look into beauty is relateable to every woman…

Ever wonder if your beauty or appearance is merely defined by your culture or decade, as opposed to your actual self? After happily watching Jessica Simpson’s new aesthetics-centered show The Price of Beauty on VH1, we had Corey ponder how her looks would be defined in other cultures (and even in the past)…

“I can’t help but wonder what my “pretty status” would be if it were the 1940’s.The definition of beauty then was certainly more accurately in describing me, as compared to today.Two decades earlier, however, not so much (Dear Flappers, please hurry up and define a waistline for us Busty-gals.Thank you!) When I traveled to Italy some years ago, I barely received a second glance, but received quite a few backward glances when I walked through Miami years before (It’s the ballet butt). Which goes to prove the old adage true, “Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder”.

When I heard that Jessica Simpson had a new “reality” show- “the Price of Beauty”, maybe I threw up in my mouth a little. Then I saw the preview, and I became a little more intrigued with the premise. Jessica, (her man-friend and hair boy) Ken Paves, and BFF CaCee Cobb go to a different country each episode to see how the women there define beauty, and too what length they will go to obtain it. From Geisha make-up (made from beetle poop), to super aggressive Thai massages (knees in your spine), traveling miles and miles for teeth whitening in San Diego, plucking out your widow’s peak (Marilyn Monroe did it), coloring your hair with actual bleach (the cause for Jean Harlow’s death)- How far would you go?

The show aired on Monday nights on VH1 (the first episode titled “Bangkok”), taking the trio to Thailand. Watching it, I alternated between disgust (the girls make fun of the Thai’s inclination to eat beetles and then Jessica gets the giggles while meditating with a Buddhist monk) and admiration (there is no doubting the sincerity the trio has for a woman who has had her skin burned off in an attempt to whiten it). I have no doubt that if this series continues in this vein; I will buy it when the series comes out on DVD, save it, and share it with my children when they are in middle school. It is something beautiful and innocent, this pursuit to understand where beauty comes from for each culture. To see it through the eyes of someone, who strangely enough, isn’t jaded (Miss Simpson), who is very hopeful and childlike, refreshes my hope in TV programming (a little).”

* What Do You Think: How far have you gone in the pursuit of beauty?

Written by Corey Vincent Holmes: Senior Editor on Makeover Momma; Wasty Cakes blogger.

Credit: © People

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