How Airbrush Foundation Will Change Your Skin

My rosy skin without makeup and my face using TEMPTU…

* BONUS POST Product Review:

I am a foundation addict. I’ve tried liquids, compacts, creams, mousses, powders and more… but even after years of trial and error, I still find myself having “bad foundation days” very frequently. There is nothing worse than looking back at photos later and seeing myself either A) shinier than the diamonds I’d love to be owning, or B) more be-speckled and mis-colored than my children’s attempts at Easter eggs. And even though mineral foundation is generally my favorite, the smallest of changes can make my skin breakout or look irritated.

My face without makeup and with my mineral makeup…

But as you can see from the images above (one in which I am rosy without foundation and the other shiny and splotchy with minerals), it’s hard to decide which is the lesser of two evils. Enter TEMPTU: the AIRbrush Makeup System that lets you apply foundation in the same way as the pro’s, giving you a pristine, natural look that is literally airbrushed. Even though it’s super pricey for the every day momma (at least the freakishly frugal ones like me), once you own the system, you only have to buy makeup refills as needed. And it doesn’t just apply foundation, but blush, bronzer, highlighter or anything else desired too. It’s pretty much as close as you’ll get to feeling like a flawless, pampered celebrity (minus the court cases and devastatingly dashing boyfriend), and that’s definitely always a good thing!

If you’re worried about the cost, try entering the TEMPTU BFF Backstage Beauty Adventures Sweepstakes (they are giving over $10,000 in prizes to over 500 winners). All you have to do is Like their Facebook page (but it ends this weekend, so act fast!)

1/2 my face without makeup and 1/2 with TEMPTU…See the difference?

So would the TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System work for YOUR skin and your lifestyle? Kindly keep reading…

1. You’ll love it if you’re lazy. I hate anything that requires blending, shading, softening or smoothing, and this necessitates none of the above. In fact, all you have to do is point, aim and spray…simple enough?

2. You’ll dig it if you have tricky skin. My skin is like Tara Reid on the weekend… you never know what level of crazy you’re going to get. My major dysfunctions involve blotches, freckles, redness and the occasional hormone induced pimple, all of which require differing levels of coverage. This personalized approach gets the job done…

3. You’ll dig it if you want to look flawless. Not everyone wants to be perfect (or at least that’s what I tell myself), and some of us even embrace your flaws. I love my freckles and sun-free skin, but still have no qualms with looking as spotless as possible. The mere idea of airbrushing donates crystal clear, even skin, and that’s exactly the purpose of this system.

* Speak Up: Would you ever spring for spray foundation? Do you like the mineral look or TEMPTU more?

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5 comments on “How Airbrush Foundation Will Change Your Skin
  1. Linda Rihani says:

    OMG I SO NEED THIS!!! I love your skin with Temptu! I am also crazy obsessed with foundation, I always want a glow just like J-Lo! Ok ..I`m going to hint this to my DH for a mothers day gift??? lol
    Awesome review 🙂

  2. So glad I’m not the only obsessed with foundation- lol. And I could SO see you with the J.Lo glow!

  3. maryva says:

    I have been using Temptu for 2 years now. I have less visible blemishes now and love the product. I usually drive 70 miles to Tysons Corner to get my supply til QVC started selling the product. I don’t use anything other product anymore.

  4. I think it looks cool. But it is so different then what I have used up until now. Kind of intimidating!

  5. So glad to know you love it too! By the way, I’m near Tysons every few months… I try to stock up on products too : )

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