Hollywood Diet Trends (The Weird, The Bad, And The Dangerous): Getting Friendly With Celebrity Diets

Hollywood bodies are definitely thin (like Kate Beckinsale and Michelle Williams), but be careful what you wish for…

Everyone wants a quick and easy way to shed those extra pounds (because we all know it’s easier to gain them than lose them). However, celebrities seem to do it without any problems and in an extremely short period of time. Of course, most of the media fails to report how dangerous these insider tips really are (so read with caution!)

The Weird: The Baby Food Cleanse

A baby food diet? We must be crazy…right? Wrong. Rumors continue to spread that many celebrities have lost weight using this diet method created by Tracy Anderson, a celebrity trainer who has worked with stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna. The eating plan consists of 14 (yes, fourteen) portions of pureed food followed by one healthy adult meal. Most liquid diets help you lose weight fast, but gain weight even faster when you’re off the diet. This diet however allows your digestive system to keep working which will keep your metabolism up. Plus, the diet will remove any toxins from your body. Though this diet is probably one that is difficult to keep up with, it certainly is interesting (as long as baby isn’t mad you’re stealing his food!)

The Bad: The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet

Any diets that say they’re a “miracle” are usually not that miraculous or that healthy. This diet basically starves your body of food and its nutrients for two days (and forces you to sustain yourself on this drink concoction mixed with water). Essentially, you sip this watered down ‘miracle juice’ for two days to rid your body of toxins. However, this leads to problems. One problem is that your body misses out on important nutrients for two days which leaves you weak and very tired when chasing after your kids. Another problem is the fast weight gain once you’re done. Even though this diet claims to help you lose 10 pounds, you may gain even more than you lost after you’re done dieting.

The Dangerous: Clenbuterol

There is an immense pressure on everyone, mothers and celebrities alike, to look perfect. This pressure has forced many women and men to try dangerous products to reduce the waistline and drop the pounds. Every year there are cases where this drive to have the perfect body has permanently damaged the person’s body and soul. Clenbuterol is often one of the causes of these cases. This drug was first approved in the United States as a treatment for asthma in horses. It tunrs out that the side effect of this drug is that it builds muscle, while resulting in temporary weight loss. Clenbuterol is highly addictive and it messes with your metabolism, making it slower than it originally was. This drug is very dangerous and we would not recommend this to anyone.

No matter how crazed you might feel when it comes to your weight, remember that your children will not judge you for what size jeans you wear (and neither will we!) The most important thing you can model for your family is a life of balance, consistency and healthy habits that can be sustained forever.

Let Us Know: What celebrity diet trend have you secretly wanted to try?

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