Hire A Personal Shopper Without Ever Leaving Your House: Spring Makeover Week

Love bold accessories like Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lopez? Improve your style fast…

If you could get a personal shopper to flatter your figure, work with your budget and create a fun, fresh fashion makeover for spring…would you? Luckily, on Day 4 of our Spring Makeover week: you don’t have too!

Today’s Makeover Bonus:

* If you buy anything in the Makeover Momma shop today (even if it’s just $5), you will get a Personal Shopper Fashion video created just for you!

* Get an additional 10% off with our exlusive code SPRINGMAKEOVER10 at checkout

* Let us know what parts of your body you want to flatter, what your budget is (for example, $50), and in which store you like to shop, and Bailey will create a personal shopping video just for you (complete with online links, so you don’t even have to leave the house to shop!)

So, you can learn what spring looks work for you and with you (and how to order them online), for a fast spring makeover (to avoid hours of tiring, frustrating shopping).

You Could Get: Stella & Dot La Co Co Necklace

Why We Love It: Yes, this necklace might seem like an investment piece (at $95), but it does much more for your money than any other jewelery we know. This one necklace can be worn eight completely different ways (become a broach, a bracelet, a simple necklace, and much more!) Instead of spending tons of money on accessories that break and don’t match, this one necklace will work hard to give you many new looks (perfect for spring), without the headache.

* Speak Up: What would you love to improve the most in your current wardrobe?

Credit: © Celebrity Gossip

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